Disney World’s Newest Coffee Shop Is Getting Ripped Apart By Fans

Carousel Coffee

Just a few days before the world celebrated the new year, a brand-new coffee shop opened at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn. Carousel Coffee features a number of delicious coffee drinks featuring the beloved brand Joffrey’s. In addition to the many coffee options, there are also some delectable breakfast items like Crunchy Raspberry Danish and NJ Crumb Cake. Guests can also enjoy sweets like Carousel Coffee’s signature cupcakes or signature Mickey and Minnie sugar cookies to enjoy with their caffeinated beverage.

Carousel Coffee

Credit: Disney

While Guests seem to be loving the food and the coffee, they are definitely NOT loving the theming. Each and every Disney restaurant, attraction, hotel, and gift shop used to have its own unique theme. Nowadays, Guests feel that with each retheme, the location loses the personality it once had. Disney seems to be in a muted/pastel colors and minimalist phase, which is not going over too well.

Carousel Coffee

Credit: Magical Disney Moments

Not long after Carousel Coffee’s opening, Guests took to social media to voice their disappointment at the theme — or lack thereof.

The decorating budget for this was well into the double figures

Some pointed out that this newest coffee shop is just one more instance of Disney apparently lacking in originality and creativity.

Yes, we (#DisTwitter) overreact to everything Disney does. But the “Carousel Coffee Crisis” has little to do w/ the boring shop itself. It’s just further evidence of a company who fails to realize it’s a sum of its parts. And its parts (perks, theme, originality) are drying up.?

Hey Siri, play “Blank Space” #carouselcoffee #WaltDisneyWorld

There were even those who pointed out another café that appeared to be themed after a carousel, and the results were stunning.

The Carousel Coffee of our dreams. ?

While Carousel Coffee is a new location, it is not the first location that Disney fans have not been thrilled about for its lack of theming. In an attempt to look more “contemporary”, Disney hotel rooms seem to be lacking a bold theme as well, including the rooms at Disney’s Contemporary Resort themed after The Incredibles and the newly rethemed Little Mermaid rooms at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort.

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