Disney World Guests Are STILL Stealing From Children

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It’s no secret that the magic of Walt Disney World is almost otherworldy, but nobody experiences Disney magic like children.

Children are typically better at suspending their disbelief than adults; as a result, that childlike wonder that comes from visiting a Disney Park is easily one of the purest things in the world, and almost nothing can ruin it…Except for something like this…

Few Things Can Ruin the Magic of Walt Disney World, But This Is High On The List…

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Earlier this year, we reported on a disheartening story in which one guest attempted to steal some lightsabers from a family’s stroller. Everyone knows that lightsabers are some of the most expensive Disney souvenirs around, and even if they weren’t so expensive, this act of selfishness would have definitely ruined the magic for the victims if the perpetrator hadn’t been caught in the act.

Even though the thief was caught and the lightsabers were returned, the victims definitely lost some innocence due to the experience…just like the victims in the most recent instance.

We’re Sad to Report That Guests Are Still Stealing Souvenirs From Children…

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A few times a year, Walt Disney World releases new Annual Passholder magnets, giving Annual Passholders a chance to proudly display their status.

This time, Disney World has distributed a magnet featuring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Ever since, Annual Passholders have been flocking to EPCOT to grab theirs.

oswald the lucky rabbit disney annual passholder magnet

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According to a recent report, one family picked up their magnet from EPCOT’s Creations Shop. But, according to the report, they gave the magnet to their baby so the little one could hold it and inspect it, getting a closer look.

The little one dropped the magnet, and as they turned around to find it and retrieve it, it had already been snatched up by a nearby guest who had been walking past them.

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Although the family tried to find their stolen souvenir, the thief got away with their Annual Passholder exclusive.

The worst part about these kinds of thefts is that it doesn’t just rob victims of a physical object but also robs them of their security, innocence, hope, and feelings of Disney magic.

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If something like this happens to you or someone else, be sure to find a cast member. The Disney employee will do everything possible to rectify the situation.

Has something like this ever happened to you? Feel free to tell Disney Dining in the comments. 

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