Disney Fans Are Now Stealing From Each Other, Ruining the Magic In and Out of the Parks

aladdin "one jump ahead"
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Walt Disney World Resort has been aptly named the Most Magical Place on Earth. As a result, it takes a lot for the magic to be ruined. Or, in this case, stolen.

Whether visiting Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom, stealing isn’t impossible, but it is uncommon.

disney world balloons by Brian McGowan

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Stolen property reports are usually made after strollers and souvenirs are stolen while Guests are visiting the Disney Parks. However, it doesn’t end there.

Even outside of the Disney Parks, fans of Walt Disney World are stealing from each other:

Disney Annual Pass Magnets stolen from car
by u/talon1200 in WaltDisneyWorld

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When it comes to being an Annual Passholder, there are a ton of perks—namely, the privilege of visiting a Disney Park virtually whenever you want.

But one of the best little perks is the adorable little magnets that come with being an Annual Passholder.

dumbo, orange bird, mickey and minnie 50th anniversary ap magnets

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These magnets are a bit of a status symbol among fans, and many fans try to collect as many as they possibly can. However, some fans collect these magnets in the wrong way.

Annual Passholders report that these magnets are often stolen from them, both while visiting the Disney Parks and while going about daily life.

Walt Disney World Annual Passholder

Credit: Disney

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In fact, they’re stolen while visiting the Disney Parks so often that it’s recommended to keep them on the fridge instead of on the bumper of your car.

Unfortunately, if these magnets become stolen items, there’s simply no getting them back—especially the limited edition ones.

So, in short, keep those adorable magnets on display on the fridge, where they’ll be safe from any sticky fingers!

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