Guests Have Reportedly Begun Stealing From Charities To Make a Quick Buck While Visiting Disney

mickey outside sleeping beauty castle in disneyland park
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For hundreds of years, we have been throwing coins into fountains and water sources. This practice began mainly as a religious practice, whether it was thanking the gods for clean water or asking for good health and fortune.

Although this began as a religious practice, it continues today. Whether we’re making a wish, hoping for good luck, or simply having fun, we still throw coins into the water to this day.

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Whether it’s a fountain or a well, if there’s a shallow pool of man-made water, people will reach into their purses and toss some coins. Even as coins become less popular, it’s a practice that persists, even at Disney!

Whether visiting Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort, many Guests still partake in this behavior and toss some coins into the water.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Disneyland castle welcome

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Not only does this practice add to the magic for many Disney Guests, but it can occasionally lead to a hefty donation. Not long ago, Walt Disney World reportedly donated tens of thousands of dollars after collecting the coins that had been tossed, so it stands to reason that Disneyland Resort may do the same thing.

However, Disney can’t donate these coins when Guests snatch them:

Stealing coins from Small World
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In this video, we can see one Guest reaching deep into the water of the “it’s a small world” attraction, grabbing the coins, and pocketing them for himself.

Not only is this behavior somewhat selfish, especially considering this money has been collected for charities in the past, but it’s also incredibly dangerous!

it's a small world

Credit: Disney

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As this Guest repeatedly sticks his arm into the water, he risks crushing his arm between the ride vehicle and the moat’s walls. This behavior is also very distracting for other Guests and can create a negative experience as Cast Members will repeatedly stop the attraction and make announcements over the ride audio.

In short, please don’t do something like this, especially at a Disney Park.

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