Disney World Reverses Course: Removes Annual Passholder Restrictions After Review

Disney Castle
Credit: Disney

Walt Disney World has now added new dates for a special group of guests.

Disney Annual Passholders are devoted fans who hold a special status within the Disney community. These Passholders enjoy exclusive benefits such as unlimited access to the parks, discounts on merchandise and dining, and early access to special events and promotions. They often form a dedicated community of Disney enthusiasts who frequent the parks, attending seasonal celebrations and eagerly anticipating new attractions.

From the enchanting Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom to the futuristic attractions of EPCOT, the thrilling adventures at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and the wild encounters at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, there’s no shortage of excitement and wonder to be found.

EPCOT Disney100 celebration

Credit: Disney

Guests heading to Disney Parks who are Disney World Annual Passholders are no strangers to the crowds, blockout dates, and special events at Disney World. Beginning this year, Disney has made it easier for Annual Passholders by adding several extra dates for Good-to-Go Days.

Walt Disney World’s Annual Passholder program is a special offering that caters to those who are dedicated to experiencing the magic of Disney on a regular basis. Passholders are individuals who have purchased an Annual Pass.

Walt Disney World Annual Pass calendar with no Good-to-Go Days listed

Credit: Screenshot via Walt Disney World website

Good-to-Go Days at Disney refer to special dates during which Walt Disney World Annual Passholders can access the theme parks without needing a prior reservation. These days are designed to offer added convenience and flexibility for Passholders, allowing them to enjoy the parks spontaneously without having to plan ahead or secure a reservation.

The recent Good-to-Go Days were on April 8 and 9, and now, Passholders can anticipate additional dates on Monday, April 22, and Tuesday, April 23. However, it’s important to note that blackout dates will still apply based on the tier of the Annual Pass.

Walt Disney World passholders in front of the Magic Kingdom castle.

Credit: Inside The Magic

Guests looking to become Disney Annual Passholders will receive a variety of benefits that enhance the overall Walt Disney World experience and provide added value for frequent guests. Passholders are eligible for discounts on select merchandise, dining, and recreational activities throughout the parks and resorts.

Disney often hosts special events and offers exclusive events for Annual Passholders, such as preview events for new attractions or seasonal celebrations. A major perk of being a Disney Annual Passholder is that guests have the flexibility to visit the parks on their own schedule without needing to purchase individual tickets for each visit. This convenience allows Passholders to enjoy spontaneous trips to the parks whenever they desire.

Will you be taking advantage of these new Good-to-Go Days? 

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