Character Chased by Cast Member After Stealing $200 Worth of Balloons

tigger Disneyland Paris

“Don’t be ridikkerous!”

A Disney character has been up to no good! In a hilarious viral-video posted to social media, Tigger was caught misbehaving at a Disney theme Park. The lovable Disney character was having the time of his life stressing out Cast Members in the Park yesterday.

Tigger Misbehaves Big Time

It’s not just Park Guests who have been causing trouble these days. Even some of the characters have been causing mischief in the Parks. Yesterday, while enjoying a peaceful day at Disneyland Paris, TikTok user @dlp_pass_infinity_tours caught some hilarious moments of mischief from Tigger.

Tigger quote

Credit: Disney

While strolling down Main Street, U.S.A., Tigger makes a mad dash towards a Cast Member selling ballons. Tigger snatched up the balloons and bolted away, ensuing a mad dash down the street. The Cast Member hilariously attempts to rangle Tigger. Eventually, Tigger gives the Cast Members their balloons back, plus an adorable hug.

The caption of the video says, “POV : Quand Tigrou ? vole 200€ de ballon ? ?.”

In english, that means “POV: When Tigger steals 200€ of balloon.”

Fan Captures Hilarious Character Moment

Disney fans are loving the video @dlp_pass_infinity_tours posted. The post already has 260,300 views, 20,500 likes, and 200 comments. Everyone agrees that this character interaction was really rare and absolutely hilarious.


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♬ Up & Down – Vengaboys

One commenter says, “And to think stitch was the evil one.”

A few are worries that Tigger may have gotten in trouble after this. One user comments, “And then, after this was all done, the Cast Member that played Tigger was fired.”

This is not the only hilarious video posted from this Disneyland Paris TikToker. Another video shows an adorable interaction with Tigger where we waves and bounces away. @dlp_pass_infinity_tours captions this video saying, “Tigrou ? nous fais coucou ?? de la fenêtre du Plaza Gardens à Disneyland Paris ✨.” In english, this means “Tigger waving to us at the window of the Plaza Garden at Disneyland Paris.”


Tigrou ? nous fais coucou ?? de la fenêtre du Plaza Gardens à Disneyland Paris ✨ #disneylandparis #personnagedisney #disneycaracter #personnage #tigrou #plazagardens #rencontre

♬ son original – DLP_Pass_Infinity_Tours

It seems like Tigger has had an extra fun time in Disneyland Paris recently. Fans hope he keeps up the characters michevious moments so all of us at home can stay entertained.

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