Disney World Cast Member Captures Something Straight Out of a ‘Lion King’ Movie During Kilimanjaro Safaris

lions in kilimanjaro safaris
Credit: Disney

When it comes to Walt Disney World, there’s so much to do that it can barely fit into a four-day trip. With an entire shopping center and four different theme parks, there’s truly something for everyone.

But out of Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT, there’s one Disney Park that’s perfect for all of the animal lovers.

animal kingdom entrance

Credit: Disney

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At Walt Disney World Resort, Animal Kingdom is the wildest theme park around. The Disney Park is home to iconic attractions such as Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain, Avatar Flight of Passage, and the theme park’s signature attraction, Kilimanjaro Safaris.

lions kilimanjaro safaris

Credit: Disney

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Kilimanjaro Safaris is entirely unique because it’s full of live animals.

The attraction takes Guests on a tour of Animal Kingdom’s Harambe Wildlife Reserve. As they board an open-aired safari truck, Guests get a view of the animals that’s genuinely up close and personal.

However, one Cast Member recently rode the attraction and captured a total Lion King (1994) moment:

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In this video, a lioness who calls Animal Kingdom home gives a proud, fierce, and rare roar.

Typically, the lions are dozing off when Guests see them. This is because lions are most active at dawn and dusk. So, when riding Kilimanjaro Safaris, sometimes it’s best to go later in the day if you want to see lion activity.

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Kilimanjaro Safaris is easily one of the most iconic attractions in Walt Disney World Resort due to magical moments like this one.

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