Disney Cast Member’s Odd Leg Hair Almost Got Him Fired

@elisalley tiktok walt disney world tried to fire shaved leg hair
Credit: @elisalley/ TikTok

So this is definitely one of the more random things you’ll come across in reference to Disney Parks, and that’s honestly saying a lot, considering they found a head in an abandoned attraction not too long ago.

Ron DeSantis cast member homeless ban

Credit: Disney

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However, it turns out that Eli, a male Cast Member working at Walt Disney World in Florida, was almost fired for the way he came into work one day.

This incident had nothing to do with his blue attendant shirt, khaki shorts, or even facial hair, but instead, the appearance of the hair…on his legs. Yes, his leg hair was apparently incongruent with the Disney Look guidelines for all cast members. Or was it?

It turns out that Eli’s manager wasn’t even really sure how to handle the situation, and the matter had to be sent all the way up to Walt Disney World Park executives.

@elisalley tiktok walt disney world tried to fire shaved leg hair name tag

Credit: @elisalley/ TikTok

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So here’s the story:

Eli recently posted a video on his TikTok account about Disney World trying to fire him because of the way he shaved his legs. Now, Eli claims he “accidentally” shaved his legs to look like a “candy cane for Christmas.” Whether that’s true or not, the events following still stand.

Holding up the signature Disney Parks name tag to corroborate his story, Eli explains that he told everyone at work that his razor died, and that’s why his legs were so oddly shaved.

Next, Eli says his boss pulled him aside (seemingly respectfully) and said, “Hey, I know we’re doing this whole inclusion thing, but we’ve never seen this before. And I’m not sure if it could be an issue.

So here are your options: 1) You could get some pants, 2) You could take this razor and go shave it off right now while on the clock. Or 3) Let me take a picture of your legs and send it to the people in charge of allowing these kinds of things.”

@elisalley tiktok walt disney world tried to fire shaved leg hair candy cane legs

Credit: @elisalley/ TikTok

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Personally, given the circumstances, I feel like the manager handled the whole thing pretty well.

Eli allowed the picture and put on pants in the meantime. After a week, he somehow heard back that the people in charge were passing the picture around to the heads of the Park. And they were apparently laughing at his legs. He claims he almost got fired for this.

There are a lot of plot holes and questions left unanswered in his story, but I got enough of a laugh out of imagining his manager seeing Eli, sighing, and prepping for that conversation. Hilarious.

Watch Eli give his explanation below:


Disney Tried to Fire Me for Shaving My Legs #disney #castmember

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What are your thoughts? Should cast members wear shorts with leg hair as they prefer? Let us know in the comments. 

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  1. Don’t see a problem,it’s only leg hair

  2. Damn right this cast member should wear pants if he turns up to work like this. Either cover up or go and take a running jump elsewhere. If I worked for a company who had specific appearance rules then I would abide by them or expect the consequences.This guy just thought he would make a spectacle of himself in the public eye. Well done Disney for sticking with the rules and not letting standards drop. Let one get away with it and then it turns into a circus.

  3. People will do ANYTHING for attention these days. I just roll my eyes and nothing surprises me anymore. This was only done likely to possibly make a quick buck for a lawsuit for wrongful termination or to become insta-famous or both. I call complete bs on the “my razor broke.” He knew exactly what he was doing. If nothing more, it makes for an interesting conversation and sight. I personally am glad Disney didn’t take the bait. If they would have terminated him, it would have been wrongful. We should treat everyone with equally with equality, dignity, respect and tact. Unfortunately there are people out there that flagrantly exploit these qualities given.

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