Disney Manager Puts a Stop to Magical Memories, Reprimanding Pluto Performer For Playing With a Group of Children

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One of the most magical parts of a Disney vacation is getting to meet the characters. But what would you do if a Disneyland manager reprimanded a Disney character for interacting with you?

mickey and minnie riding teacups

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After a much-needed refurbishment to upgrade and make the area more accessible, Mickey’s Toontown finally reopened over in Disneyland Park!

On Sunday, March 19, Mickey’s Toontown once again welcomed Guests into the world of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and of course, Pluto.

Mickey's ToonTown

Credit: Disney

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The land was incredibly crowded as Guests rushed to grab the latest popcorn bucket and to see the new changes that had been made to Mickey’s Toontown.

While waiting in a long line for a popcorn bucket is no fun for kids, Mickey Mouse’s best friend was there to keep them entertained.


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In this video, we can see Pluto spinning around on one of the playground fixtures, making Guests laugh and creating magical memories.

However, the moment didn’t last long according to the original poster of the video, who wrote in the comments, “Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll see it again, the manager came by and quickly told the handler to stop and get him up.”

As expected, the fans in the comments were not impressed with this. One TikTok user commented, “I hope y’all boo’ed,” while another called the Disney manager a “party pooper.”

Credit: Disney

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Although Disney fans were upset in the comments of this viral video, it’s essential to keep in mind that Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort Cast Members never want to ruin the magic for Guests, and that safety is always the biggest priority (even if it means ruining the magic).

If a manager rushed over to stop Pluto from spinning on the playground fixture, it was probably to keep both the performer and the nearby Guests as safe as possible.

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