Disney World Announces a Brand-New Restaurant Coming to EPCOT

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Credit: Disney Parks

A brand-new restaurant will open at EPCOT this summer, and whether you consider yourself a Disney foodie or not, you’ll want to check out the new location on your next visit to Disney’s Central Florida parks.

Shiki-Sai: Sushi Izakaya at EPCOT - food

Credit: Disney Parks

If you love dining at Disney World, you know that there’s no better place to sample and savor the flavors of global cuisine than at EPCOT. And soon, Guests will have a new option when it comes to dining at Disney World’s second park–inside the Japan pavilion at World Showcase. Introducing Shiki-Sai: Sushi Izakaya, a brand-new table-service venue at the Walt Disney World Resort that offers festive dining with a unique, sharable Izakaya style that’s sure to foster magical memories and good times for Guests of all ages.

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Exploring the Japan Pavilion at EPCOT

Credit: Jeff Burgman

Per Disney Parks Blog:

Here, you’ll be able to experience the essence of Japan’s seasonal festivals, where each month brings a new celebration to your table. From hanging tanzaku to celebrate Tanabata in July to savoring moon-viewing dumplings in September, a cultural representative from Japan will guide you through each unique festival experience, one bite at a time. The atmosphere also embraces the festivals of Japan, with the atmosphere featuring beautiful, hand-painted artwork and lanterns highlighting some of the natural wonders that Japan offers as well. Each and every visit is designed to create unforgettable memories that capture the spirit of Japan’s vibrant seasonal festivities.

Write Tanzaku with wish in Tanabata!

Hanging Tanzaku/Credit: Piece of Japan

In addition to a full menu filled with mouthwatering Japanese delights like sushi and teppan items, there will be an open sushi bar and grill. Located on the second floor of the Japan pavilion, Shiki-Sai offers stunning views of EPCOT, the World Showcase Lagoon, and, of course, fireworks!

Sushi lovers will marvel at the first-hand look at sushi being made right before their eyes by the chefs when sitting at the sushi bar. This unique spot provides a can’t-miss dining experience along with a magnificent trellis inspired by the roof of the Phoenix Hall in Kyoto that will mesmerize your eyes while the food captivates your taste buds.

Shiki-Sai Dishes for Every Taste

If you fancy yourself a sushi aficionado or you’re looking to expand your palate to a new bite, this menu has no shortage of delicious bites for you to try. Some highlights from the sushi bar include the Kobore SushiTokyo Negi Roll, Funamori, and The Monster Roll

Shiki-Sai: Sushi Izakaya at EPCOT - food

Credit: Disney Parks

Kobore Sushi translates to “overflowing sushi,” and this item is “overflowing” with flavors. It features negi toro and nakaochi tuna elegantly paired with salmon roe and green onion. The Tokyo Negi Roll combines green onion tempura rolled with tuna tataki and topped with jalapeno aïoli, shredded carrot, and sliced jalapeno for a delightful roll that you simply need to try.

Shiki-Sai: Sushi Izakaya at EPCOT - food

Credit: Disney Parks

The Funamori features sashimi and sushi arranged on a boat-shaped platter. This iteration of Funamori is even served with the festive pomp and the boat procession of the famous Tenjin Matsuri! 

You’ll also be able to sample dishes from the delicious world of Japanese Izakaya, a type of casual pub-style restaurant. One of the main highlights of Izakaya culture is the emphasis on sharing plates of food while enjoying drinks and conversation with friends. The menu at an Izakaya typically features a wide range of small dishes, and here is no different. From savory Karaage Chicken to succulent Salmon Misoyaki, even a refreshing Tomato Salad with Avocado, Izakaya cuisine is all about offering a variety of delicious small plates that can be indulged in a social and relaxed atmosphere.

Shiki-Sai: Sushi Izakaya at EPCOT - food

Credit: Disney Parks

Not Just Sushi

Not only can you get dishes from the sushi bar, but the grill will also be serving up delicious options commonly found in Japanese cuisine. Among the grilled items to enjoy, Okonomiyaki is a highlight. This Japanese savory pancake is made with a batter of flour, eggs, and water, and then filled with shredded cabbage and bacon, and topped with tangy okonomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise, aonori, bonito flakes, and pickled ginger. 

Shiki-Sai: Sushi Izakaya at EPCOT - food

Credit: Disney Parks

Disney has yet to announce the specific date of the opening of EPCOT’s newest dining venue, so keep checking back here at DisneyDining as we count down the days till summer 2023. (Hint: the announcement mentions festivals beginning in July, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed for June or possibly early July 2023!)

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