Disney World 50th anniversary toys coming to McDonald’s Happy Meals Sept. 14

mcdonalds disney 50th anniversary

Disney World’s 50th anniversary is just one month from today, and Disney’s not alone in the celebration.

Beginning September 14, McDonald’s Happy Meals will reportedly include one of 50 WDW 50th anniversary-themed toys, each one resembling one of the Disney’s Fab 50 statues that have been released over the past several weeks.


Credit: Disney

In fact, with the exception of Figment from EPCOT’s Journey Into Imagination attraction and the famed Disney Orange Bird, the other revealed Fab 50 characters are accounted for in these photos of the new toys. In place of Figment and the Orange Bird, 2 different toys are substituted, but we aren’t sure why the two iconic characters aren’t part of the McDonald’s toys line-up.

Credit: Timothy, vzonetvgh.com


According to vzonetvgh.com, the anniversary celebration toys will be available in Happy Meals purchased at McDonald’s, beginning on September 14 and through October 25, 2021.

The site gives credit to a contributor, simply named “Timothy” for sending the photos of the Disney Fab 50 toys in to the site to use in a post about the surprise kids’ meal toys, so it’s possible the photos were leaked and that news about the toys wasn’t to be released until a later date.

Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration is one that has been in the works for a few years now, and the celebration promises to be one impossible to forget and fitting for the 50th anniversary of the Most Magical Place on Earth.

Credit: Disney

Will you be in the parks in October to celebrate? Don’t forget to stop by McDonald’s on your way into the parks and start your Disney Fab 50 Happy Meal toy collection!



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