Fans Horrified at Disney’s Offensive New Offering

Minnie Kitchen Sink Sunde Backlash
Credit: Disney/Dr. Grunch TikTok

One of the things that Disney loves to do is celebrate all different kinds of events throughout the year. If there is a holiday or special event happening, Disney is probably going to celebrate it. And we are talking about so much more than just things like Halloween, Christmas, and Hanukkah. Disney also celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Gay Days, St. Patrick’s Day, and so much more. This is typically done with brand-new, limited-time food offerings, or maybe even some specialty merchandise.

Disney World St. Patrick's Day

Credit: Disney

But one current offering has fans doing a double take.

As you may or may not know, March is Women’s History Month. Disney wanted to acknowledge this by offering a special snack that is only available in March. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the snack was very well thought out. And some people are finding it downright offensive and misogynistic.

TikToker Dr. Grunch (@ladyspinedoc) recently visited Disney’s Hollywood Studios with her family. While there, they decided to head to Hollywood Scoops and get some delicious ice cream. It was there that Dr. Grunch found something that truly shocked her.

As part of Disney’s Women’s History Month celebration, guests could purchase a specialty sundae. Minnie’s KITCHEN SINK sundae.


Let me explain something @Disney – do better. #womenshistorymonth

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Yes. Disney was celebrating and honoring women’s history with a kitchen sink dessert.

Many commenters were shocked that this went through so many approval stages, and no one thought that it might not be the best idea to have a dessert that implied women should be in the kitchen.

I absolutely understand that the kitchen sink is an iconic sundae for Disney but let’s just think for 5 seconds about if we should be specifically highlighting it for WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH 😭

Minnie Kitchen Sink Sundae

Credit: Disney

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It is important to note that the Kitchen Sink is an iconic sweet treat at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort.

At Disneyland Resort, guests can head into Disney California Adventure Park and visit Clarabelle’s Hand-Scooped Ice Cream. There, any sundae can be put into a plastic kitchen sink that is designed to look like Mickey Mouse.

mickeys kitchen sink

Credit: Disney

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At Walt Disney World, guests can make their way over to the BoardWalk and dine at Beaches and Cream. There, the Kitchen Sink is big enough to feed up to four people! It consists of scoops of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, Cookies n’ Cream, and mint chip ice cream. That is then topped with hot fudge, peanut butter, Snickers pieces, and a fresh-baked brownie. To make it even more decadent, the sundae is then topped with every other additional topping they have!

beaches and cream soda shop kitchen sink

Credit: Disney

This specialty version of the Minnie Kitchen Sink Sundae included a scoop of ice cream (guest’s choice), hot fudge, and red vanilla whipped cream. Then, it is decorated with white polka dot sprinkles, chocolate ears, and a chocolate bow. A similar dessert has been made in the past to celebrate National Polka Dot Day.

While we are sure that Disney meant no harm in creating this delicious-sounding sundae, there was definitely an issue with the final thought process.

Do you think Disney dropped the ball with this specialty sundae? Let us know in the comments! 

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  1. Oh, come on! Stop looking for reasons to be offended. The kitchen sink is loved by many people. What the heck is wrong with people? Everyone is looking for reasons to be offended. If you are looking for a reason to be offended, you will no doubt find it. Just stop it. There is nothing offensive about this.

    • I agree! This is cute and I don’t have a problem with it. People need to enjoy things, not look for something to complain about

    • People need to get over this nonsense! It’s a cute sundae in a keepsake bowl. People need to stop!

    • I agree! I got one on one of our visits and my granddaughter loves eating out of it! I am so tired of people being so offended ALL the time. If you don’t like it, just keep your mouth shut and don’t get it!

    • If people allow themselves to be offended by this – they have bigger problems.
      Our world/lives are facing so many important challenges and decisions right now! to allow ice cream in a bowl that looks like a sink makes me question their intelligence!

  2. This is ridiculous! We all love a good kitchen sink. More love that it’s Minnie’s. After a delicious treat you turn into a planter n enjoy the memories.

    • I swear people will find anything to be insulted or offended over. The kitchen sink is referencing a saying “everything but the kitchen sink” meaning it has everything. Calm down and get over yourself. In fact it doesn’t have anything to do with women at all. Before you get insulted, maybe take a moment and think.

  3. This is an awesome looking dessert. Great presentation. Now if Disney could get that gender dysphoria merchandise separated from the rest on shopdisney that would be great.

  4. Seriously!!! People need to stop complaining about everything. I’m a woman and I love ice cream. Minnie holding my favorite treat celebrating me and all the other women around the world is an honor. I don’t even think it looks like a sink. I’m so tired of all this jumble that thinks everyone would be offended. Some may be but many are not!! These troublemakers need to just get over themselves and enjoy life. You only get one!!! Geez ridiculous whining over something so small.

  5. I think people are making too much out of this. RELAX & JUST ENJOY IT!

  6. This is nuts! By the way, Beaches and Cream is located at the Yacht and Beach Clum, not the Boardwalk.

  7. i have no problem with it and iIdo not think it was ment to mean that they should be in the kitchen

    This is a form of MENTAL ILLNESS .
    I’ve had this Wonderful Desert and it tasted great and a great way to honor International Women Day .
    What I Did not see or cross my mind was this fantasy of

  9. Amen to all commentary thus far ! GET OVER YOURSELF ALREADY ! Seems like a blatant shill of nonsense just for likes and views on social media.

  10. If people would stop looking for reasons to be perpetually offended they might realize this has nothing to do with women being in the kitchen. That’s an erroneous assumption that shows the offended crowds’ own misogynistic beliefs. Instead the name of this dessert refers to the amount of ingredients in it … as in “everything but the kitchen sink”.

    • The sad part is that if some people can’t find anything to be offended by, then they will not be happy. They feel they need to find a cause to be important. Just enjoy life for what it is and have a Kitchen Sink Sundae, or two.

  11. Why do we even care or cater to the 1% of people who get offended about EVERYTHING? This is a dessert people! If you don’t like it, keep your mouth shut and don’t order it. We got one and it was delicious. My granddaughter loves eating out of this bowl at home! She uses this more that any of her other souvenirs we bought. People who get that offended, should just stay home!

  12. Give me break!! It is really cute and I’m sorry I am not there to get one to MATCH my Mickey kitchen sink!! That’s what it is – a match to Mickey’s “sink!” Get over your freaking selves already and stop looking for stuff to pretend your offended for “likes!” The fact that I am answereing this bull is because it’s time we get offended for the stupidity and insults to our intelligence already!! Keep it on the menu so those of us who get there later in the year caa purchase one also!!

  13. REALLY? Who is upset over this cute addition for Women’s month really? Only the “woke folks”. Most women won’t be because most of us do dishes every day. If you want to balance it out because the “woke folks” are upset for “men’s month” do a Mickey’s sink sundae. It’s time the “woke folks” step down from the high horses and let people live their lives and quit trying to tell the rest of us how shocked we should be over trivial things. If you don’t like it find and dandy, don’t buy and eat it. Leave the rest of us to make our own decisions – PLEASE. Also, get a sense of humor, you’ll enjoy life so much more.

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