When Will ‘Wish’ Begin Streaming on Disney+? What We Currently Know

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Disney has a long and storied history of producing beloved animated films that have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. While some Disney movies have become iconic classics, others have faced mixed reviews, like the recent release Wish (2023).

Princess Asha and the wishing Star in Disney's 'Wish' movie

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Fans cannot discuss popular Disney movies without mentioning timeless classics like The Lion King (1994) and Beauty and the Beast (1991).

These films not only achieved critical acclaim but also became cultural phenomena. With memorable characters, enchanting stories, and unforgettable music, they continue to be cherished by both children and adults.

The latest Disney movie, Wish (2023), follows the trend of films like The Good Dinosaur (2015) and Raya and the Last Dragon (2021). These movies may not have achieved the same level of success as Disney’s most celebrated classics, but they still found their audience and made an impact.

While Wish had mixed reviews from critics, it saw positive responses from audiences mirroring the experiences of these films.

Frozen: Princess Anna and Queen Elsa reunited, voiced by Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel

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The Direct predicted when Disney’s latest movie, Wish, will finally start streaming. Wish is now available for digital purchase as of Tuesday, January 23, following its theatrical release on November 22, just 50 days earlier.

Additionally, we know the film will be released on Blu-ray on March 12, 2024.

On Disney+, however, Wish is taking a different route than previous Disney Animation Studios releases like Encanto (2021) and Strange World (2022), which arrived on the streaming platform just 30 days after their theatrical premieres.

In the case of Wish, the window is extended to over 80 days since its release as part of Disney’s 100th-anniversary celebration.

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Fans wondered if Wish would follow in films like Lightyear (2022) and Elemental (2023), which took 47 and 89 days to make their way to Disney+.

If Wish follows this pattern, fans may find it on Disney+ NEXT WEEK! A February 20 release would be exactly 90 days since the film’s theater debut, which will keep its Disney+ release within the usual 90-day timeframe for streaming releases.

Chris Pine as King Magnifico in Disney's 'Wish' movie

Credit: Disney

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Wish is about a girl named Asha who gazes up at the starry night sky, making a wish upon a shining star. That is when her wish takes an unexpected turn: a star descends from the heavens to assist her on a daring mission to save the others’ wishes and defeat the ‘benevolent’ ruler, King Magnifico.

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