Disney’s Latest Reveal Has Critics Eating Their Words

Disney Wish movie critics
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In a year marked by financial setbacks for The Walt Disney Company, a glimmer of hope is on the horizon, promising a holiday season comeback akin to the success of Disney’s Frozen (2013).

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Disney Wish Movie Critics Get Taught a Lesson in Context

Critics have tried to bring the thunder against trailers and previews for Disney’s upcoming November 22 film Wish (2023). They seemingly want it to fail or grasp at out-of-context trailer scenes to paint the film as having a major flaw in the story that makes King Magnifico, the villain of Wish, seemingly in the right.

Particularly, as detailed by Inside the Magic, many fans wondered if the main character Asha’s take on wishes in the trailer was wrong, ruining the entire premise of Wish.

In one scene with Magnifico, she accosts the villain for not granting everyone’s wishes, saying they deserve more. However, the king reveals that he decides what everyone deserves.

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In context to the trailer, the Disney Wish movie critics’ accusation is that many wishes are not good and should not be granted. Magnifico could seemingly be doing the kingdom of Rosas a favor in this context. However, Disney has now released a minute-long snippet featuring more of this scene.

“The wishes you are not going to grant, you could just give them back,” Asha tells Magnifico. Then the people could, I don’t know, try to pursue them themselves. If they are dangerous, they can be stopped, but if not…”

In full context, Asha realizes right then and there that not all wishes are good, but Magnifico shouldn’t horde them all. Bad wishes could be dealt with, but the king makes good people forget what makes them unique and beautiful by misplacing their faith in him. It’s a glorious Disney power move and makes Magnifico an actual power-hungry villain that everyone has been clamoring for.

Wish Movie Reviews Are Promising

Despite recent box office disappointments like Disney’s live-action The Little Mermaid (2023) and the underwhelming performance of Lucasfilm’s Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023), Disney seems uniquely confident with Wish. The film just had its official premiere, and social media has unanimously praised it.

WISH   is the celebration of 100 years of the famed studio with Easter Eggs galore. Surprisingly, thematically, it was more rich than I would have anticipated. I’d argue, maybe a little depressing? Ariana DeBose brings the house down as one of our great modern-day princesses. Villain song, “This is the Thanks I Get,” is out of this world by Chris Pine. The foot tapping group number “Knowing What I Know Now” is my favorite. “This Wish” will likely be the big push. Gorgeous animation.

Online critics have also come after its innovative two-dimensional watercolor animation style. This unique approach blends the charm of classic Disney animation with a refreshing twist, creating a visual spectacle that has garnered acclaim despite the attacks.

Wish is ENCHANTING & DAZZLING. A magical, inspiring fairy tale & heroine for a new generation. I was swept away by the animation & musical splendor that blends classical & modern techniques brilliantly. Ariana DeBose & Chris Pine shine bright.

Will Disney Have a Massive Hit?

Departing from the recent lackluster releases, early Wish previews are promising, signaling a potential triumph for Disney.

The film explores the enchanting kingdom of Rosas in the Iberian Peninsula, following the journey of Asha, a young woman on a quest to uncover the origins of the fabled wishing star. Her path intertwines with the enigmatic King Magnifico, who harbors a desire to hoard the wishes of his people.

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A stellar cast led by Academy Award-winning actress Ariana DeBose and the versatile Chris Pine add to the anticipation. Fans have already praised the music released so far, with early previews echoing the sentiment that the musical elements are truly fantastic.

While the year has witnessed Disney grappling with financial challenges and critical setbacks, Wish seems poised to be the much-anticipated comeback, offering audiences a fresh and captivating experience. As the film celebrates Disney’s 100 years of animation, it sparks nostalgia and presents a wholly original story that might just rekindle the magic that some believe has been missing in recent years.

While cautious optimism remains, Wish could be the transformative wish come true that Disney fans have been yearning for.

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