Disney Villain Forces Her Way Into Disneyland Parade

cruella de vil disney parks face character disneyland magic happens parade tiktok
Credit: @trythegraystuff_/TikTok

Disney villains are often more entertaining to meet at Disney Parks than the beloved princesses and heroes. The Evil Queen from Snow White (1938) and Gaston from Beauty and the Beast (1991) always seem to show Guests a wicked good time. Now, Disney character Cruella de Vil from Disney’s 1961 101 Dalmatians is going viral for forcing her way into a Disney parade!

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Credit: Disney

Brianne, AKA @trythegraystuff_ on TikTok, captured Cruella scheming on a Disneyland Park parade route just before the show was about to begin. The first image of the video is branded with, “Cruella is mad that she’s not in the Magic Happens Parade.” The “Magic Happens” Parade is a daytime event that celebrates “magical moments from legendary Disney stories.” It includes characters from Frozen (2013), Moana (2106), Coco (2017), and more.

Cruella addresses the Guests at Disneyland Park, saying, “Are you all aware there’s a parade coming? Alright. I’m sorry to inform you all, I will not be in the parade.” The crowd groans, and the parade’s announcement comes over the loudspeaker, finishing, “…in just a few moments, Magic Happens!” To which Cruella promptly adds, “FOR SOME.”

cruella de vil disney parks face character disneyland magic happens parade tiktok

Credit: @trythegraystuff_/TikTok

Cruella then explains her plan. “The band is slowly making their way,” she points down the street. “I figure if I put myself in their path, maybe they’ll play my song! I’m gonna give it a try. We’ll see.” The video then hilariously cuts to Cruella down the street dancing in front of the marching band. They are, in fact, playing her song.

Cruella claps her long red gloves and taps her matching red shoes to the beat, and creates her own intro performance to the upcoming “Magic Happens” Parade. She shimmies around Main Street’s Town Square and pans to the awaiting Disney Park Guests – truly living. Her large white fur coat becomes a sort of cape, and she incorporates it into her bold choreography. She turns to her original group, proudly saying, “It’s happening.”

Check it out:


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♬ original sound – Brianne

The band wails on “Cruella De Vil” and dances along with their own choreography. The crowd absolutely loves it.

I hate to be cliche, but magic really does happen during Disney parades!

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