Disney Might Be “Woke”, But It’s Not Going Broke

Disney not going bankrupt
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2023 has not been the best year for The Walt Disney Company. Disney has released eight movies and only have of them saw any kind of success — and the four that didn’t cost Disney nearly $1 billion. In addition to that, the company is still struggling with its streaming service, Disney+. Then, there’s the budget cuts and the laying off of nearly 4,000 employees.

The Walt Disney Company

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Disney also finds itself caught in the middle between those who support more progressive political policies and those who want Disney to stick to what they consider “traditional” views. Disney has been creating more films and television shows that feature diverse characters and family dynamics. In turn, that has caused the company to be attacked by more conservative fans, accusing the company of being “woke.”

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These attacks have come not only from fans and critics, but also largely from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. DeSantis has been going after Disney for more than a year and is intent on “beating” them. Things have gotten so bad that the House of Mouse and the governor are battling in court.

Despite everything working against Disney, the company is still going strong. And, as much as some people might want to see Mickey and friends fail, that is incredibly unlikely to happen.

Ron DeSantis

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Macroaxis is a wealth management platform that has taken a look at Disney’s finances, its balance sheet, its stock analysis, and more. After taking a deep dive, Macroaxis determined that Disney was highly unlikely to face any devastating financial hits. And the chances that the company will face bankruptcy? Almost non-existent. According to Macroaxis, the chance of bankruptcy is less than two percent.

Bob Iger

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Many Disney competitors are also unlikely to face major financial issues. Amazon, Comcast/Universal, Netflix, and Paramount are also sitting at a less-than-two percent chance of bankruptcy.

However, things are not looking good for Warner Bros. Discovery, which is standing at a 58% chance of going bankrupt, despite the success of recent films like Barbie. That information is particularly interesting because, on December 21, it was announced that Warner Bros. is in talks with Paramount Global on a potential merger.

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If that merger does not happen, and Warner Bros. Discovery is at risk, it’s possible that another major media company (perhaps Universal?) could swoop in, hoping for a bargain.

Disney CEO Bob Iger might be looking forward to closing the book on 2023, but 2024 looks like it might start out in rough waters. Billionaire Nelson Peltz is planning on forcing a shareholder vote for a seat on the Disney board. He is also actively working on getting his ally’s seats on the board, so the conservative investor will have more of a say in the direction Disney goes in.

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  1. Just look at the stock price. It’s not doing too well. It may not be broke yet, but it’s closer than it was just a year ago. Much closer.