Disney Security Enters Guest’s Rooms While They’re Away; Fans Concerned Over Controversial “Safety Checks”

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Please note that one story outlined in this article is based on a personal Disney Parks guest experience. No two guest experiences are alike, and this article does not necessarily align with Disney Dining’s personal views on Disney Park operations.

Disney guest security is a top priority at all Disney parks and resorts around the world. From Walt Disney World Resort in Florida to Disneyland Resort in California, the safety and well-being of guests and employees are of utmost importance.

Security guards are strategically placed throughout the parks to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Additionally, security checkpoints with metal detectors are often used to screen guests entering the parks. These measures help create a secure environment and give peace of mind to visitors.

In recent years, Disney has implemented enhanced security measures in response to evolving threats and concerns. Bag checks, metal detectors, and security screenings have become standard procedures at park entrances. By staying vigilant and proactive, Disney aims to maintain a safe and secure environment for guests of all ages.

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Room Checks: Disney’s Controversial Security Measure

While guests expect security in theme parks, many feel surprised to see security within their own rooms on resort hotel property. Numerous guests have reported Disney hotel employees unlocking their hotel rooms during the day to inspect the inside of the room. This controversial practice is allegedly done without the knowledge or consent of guests. Disney’s policy states,

We reserve the right to enter any room at a Disney Resort hotel for maintenance, safety, security or any other purpose, even if the Room Occupied sign is displayed on the room door.”

When it comes to ensuring guests’ safety and security at the Walt Disney World Resort, Disney room safety checks play a crucial role. These routine checks are conducted by diligent security personnel to maintain a safe environment for all visitors staying at Disney properties. The checks involve thorough inspections of each room to ensure that all safety measures are in place and any potential hazards are promptly addressed.

By proactively monitoring the rooms, Disney aims to prevent incidents and provide guests with peace of mind during their stay. With human trafficking and hotel shootings on the minds of Americans, Disney does their best to prevent these atrocities from happening on its property.

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Concerned Family Shares Their Story

Disney has left the process behind these safety checks mostly a mystery. For years, fans have lamented that this policy feels invasive and, at some times, unsafe. One guest shared their story on Reddit, saying:

“I just got back from a 4 day trip with family. We stayed at Art of Animation and every day they would send someone to do a “safety check” while we were in the room.

The first day it happened, my teenage daughter was in the room alone. A lady from housekeeping actually unlocked the door and entered the room when my daughter wouldn’t let her in. The second time I was taking a nap and they woke me up to let them in to check the room.

I called the front desk and was told this was new, standard safety protocol. I didn’t see anything about this when I made the reservation.

Anyone else have this experience? I’m glad I don’t have toddlers or I would have lost my mind. It was very intrusive.”

Room safety checks at Art of Animation resort?
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More recently, a mom asked an online Walt Disney World FaceBook group for advice on how to avoid these entrances from waking her sleeping toddlers. While some guests were able to give some insight into their experiences, it seems clear that if you don’t want your children to be potentially barged in on, you should not leave them alone at the hotel during the day.

While this policy is certainly one of Disney’s more controversial ones, it is also something that has been implemented by numerous major hotels. At its heart, Disney wants to ensure the safety of all of their guests, even if it seems like a minor disturbance for some.

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  1. This seems much to do about nothing. All hotels have the right to room inspection at any time. Disney simply is more transparent about it. If you are in the room and do not want anyone walking in… bolt lock the door, put the chain on. If you have sleeping toddlers and this has been a problem… put a note on the door that kids are sleeping, and ask them to return later for room check. Don’t sweat the small stuff… and 90% is small stuff.

  2. Please explain the reason for intruding on my privacy. There is no good reason for personnel to go rooting around my room during the day! Housekeeping should be sufficient! This would make me extremely uncomfortable

  3. Seems to me security was more vigilant due to the fact of children.

  4. Janet MacFarlane

    I am glad for this. I am an elderly, often solo traveler and if something happened to me I would be so grateful to be checked in on

  5. Eric L Erickson

    I’m not a morning person & I resent someone knocking on my door at 1000 since I’m almost guaranteed to be asleep at that time!
    Furthermore, it’s more than a coincidence that Disney didn’t start doing so-called “Safety Check” until IMMEDIATELY following the Las Vegas shooting!!! I’ve asked for the reason behind these “Safety Checks” & have received SEVERAL different answers from “checking room condition issues”, “checking to make sure every occupant is okay”, “checking to see if anything is needed”, etc., but EVERYONE flat denies that these checks have ANYTHING TO DO with the Las Vegas shooting & that it’s just a coincidence that they were started in the aftermath of that incident, which is UTTER BS!!!

  6. This is not news. Or dining. Why bother?

  7. I have absolutely no problem with this. With all that is going on in the world today, I applaud Disney. If you don’t want them in the room with sleeping kids, bolt the door.

  8. We were staying at Port Orleans Riverside last September and the this happened to me. I was in the shower and could hear a Stange voice. This was very unsettling to be in the shower, not dressed and have a stranger enter my room without my knowledge or consent. I think Disney needs to rethink the protocol around this policy.

    • I don’t want anyone in my room, I always use a do not disturb sign all day, I don’t use housekeeping, if I need towels I jujust go to a maid and get one.

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