A Warning to Guests Staying at Disney Resort Hotels: Do NOT Use the Ice Buckets!

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When you visit a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, how often do you get ice? If you’ve ever filled the ice bucket up while staying on Disney property, then you’re definitely going to want to see this.

But a fair warning in advance: what you’re about to see may ruin your day.

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Entitled Guests visiting a Disney Park (such as Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom) with little or no regard for other Guests is, unfortunately, a common occurrence. Even when it comes to visiting the Most Magical Place on Earth, you’ll always encounter inconsiderate people, it’s just a harsh fact of life.

However, entitled behavior can sometimes affect other Guests, even when it happens behind closed doors. This is one of those times: a video was recently posted onto the Walt Disney World Resort Subreddit, which shows a stomach-turning life hack.

Be careful using the ice buckets from WaltDisneyWorld

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In this video, a Guest can be seen putting a dirty diaper into the ice bucket before placing the lid on top to hide the smell. Instead of wrapping the dirty diaper in a plastic bag before throwing it away, this Guest’s ‘life hack’ consists of contaminating an ice bucket, which can quickly spread germs and disease.

To make matters worse, the ice bucket is typically filled with ice intended to cool drinks down, which means other Guests could potentially ingest these contaminants.

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The inconsiderate nature of this ‘life hack’ has not gone unnoticed by other Disney fans in this Reddit thread.

One user wrote, “Ew. No. The world doesn’t revolve around you. What the heck? I get ice in hotels all the time and this is disgusting behavior.”

Another user added, “Cross contamination from human waste to a risk of human consumption for the next lucky guest.”

Lastly, another user confirmed our worst fears when they added, “I am a hotel inspector for the state of FL and I can almost guarantee you those [ice buckets] are never cleaned.”

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The next time you visit one of the fantastic Disney Resort hotels, scrub the ice bucket or avoid it altogether.

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