Disney Continues Cutting Costs At the Guests’ Expense

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Although it’s difficult to fathom just how expensive it is to run an operation as vast as Walt Disney World, these cost-cutting measures are getting out of hand. The Guest experience shouldn’t suffer so a multi-billion dollar company can save money!

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It’s no secret that a visit to Walt Disney World can cost a pretty penny and then some. Considering the cost of travel, staying on property at a Disney Resort hotel, visiting a Disney Park, and the cost of food and drink, the cost can easily be hundreds to thousands of dollars. Not to mention, many Guests spend money on fun souvenirs and merchandise!

It probably won’t come as a surprise to hear that visiting Walt Disney World is more expensive than ever due to the rising cost of food, tickets, and merchandise. While much of this is simply due to inflation, much more is also due to the Walt Disney Company trying to pay its debts and make up for the money lost during the pandemic.

Went to Dockside Diner for the first time in a while yesterday, and discovered that they took what used to be a footlong hot dog, cut it in half, and replaced the rest with potato chips. They even kept the footlong box. Price is still the same pf course.
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Many free perks now cost money, and Guests are starting to notice more cost-cutting measures. One Guest recently visited Dockside Diner in Hollywood Studios and noticed that while the portion had been cut in half, the price remained the same.

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This isn’t the only cost-cutting measure that has directly affected the Guest experience and possibly well-being. Many Guests have also noticed a lack of air conditioning throughout the Parks. In the Florida summers, full of high temperatures and humidity, that could quickly become dangerous for Guests unprepared for the heat.

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It’s difficult to say when these cost-cutting measures will end. After years of increased prices, understaffed Disney Parks, and other cost-cutting schemes, it can sometimes feel like it will never end. Hopefully, Bob Iger will focus on the Guests’ experience and find different ways to save money.

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