Disney Says Aloha to Their Perfect “Lilo” for Upcoming Live-Action Film

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The search is over! After a massive casting call, Disney has finally found the perfect young actress to play the leading role of “Lilo” in the upcoming live-action version of Lilo & Stitch. They have cast a pin-sized actress who will be making her big film debut in the new movie. She is already gaining a lot of positive attraction, and in no time, she will likely be a household name.


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Hawaiian Newcomer Lands Leading Role

When casting Lilo & Stitchit was very important to the Walt Disney Company that they cast the role as accurately as possible. This meant going to Hawaii to find a local actress who matched her appearance, personality, and cultural background of Lilo. Earlier this week, Disney announced that they were doing a massive casting search to Cast some of the remaining characters in the upcoming film. They were looking for Lilo as part of the search, who they describe as:

 “ a young girl as a 6-8-year-old precocious Native Hawaiian who loves hula, surfing, and wildlife, with an affinity for all things gross!”


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It seems they found their perfect Lilo in newcomer Maia Kealoha. This adorable little girl looks so similar to the Lilo we remember from the movies. Her contagious smile has already made fans love the young actress. This will be Maia’s first every movie, but she is no stranger to the spotlight. She often appears in “Little Miss Kona Coffe Pageants in Hawaii.

Lilo and Stitch

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The young star will be joined by actor Zack Galifianakis who is also set to appear in the film in an unspecified role. She was supposed to begin filming this upcoming February in Hawaii, but the movie has been pushed back due to VFX taking longer than anticipated. This is a big role for such a little girl, but it seems like Maia is ready for the spotlight. Fans will be waiting with anticipation to see who else will be cast in the upcoming Disney+ movie.

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