If Family Means Nobody Gets Left Behind, Then Why Is Disney Making It So Hard to Experience Stitch Meet-and-Greets?

Although Stitch is one of the cutest, most iconic, and lovable characters around, Walt Disney World is seemingly phasing him out! It’s getting harder and harder to experience a meet-and-greet with Experiment 626.

Soon enough, Guests may not be able to meet Stitch in Magic Kingdom at all!

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Although Lilo and Stitch (2001) has remained a fan-favorite Disney movie (and may even see a live-action remake soon enough), Experiment 626 has grown increasingly reclusive in Magic Kingdom. Not long ago, Tomorrowland was home to Stitch’s Great Escape and encounters with the lovable alien.

Even when the unpopular attraction closed in 2020, Guests were still lining up for Stitch meet-and-greets.


Credit: Disney

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When Walt Disney World Resort reopened during the pandemic, all meet-and-greet opportunities were altered to preserve social distancing.

Guests could interact with characters while they stood on a stage, and the days of signatures, hugs, and more intimate experiences were gone. Slowly but surely, each character meet-and-greet returned to normal…except for Experiment 626, who still appears on the Tomorrowland stage during his meet-and-greet.


Credit: Disney

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Now that TRON is taking over Tomorrowland and Stitch’s former territory, his place in the Disney Park has become threatened. As Stitch appearances grow rarer and rarer in Magic Kingdom, Guests can still meet the mischievous alien while staying at Disney’s Polynesian Resort and experiencing character dining.

Polynesian Village Ceremonial House Remodel

Credit: Disney

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However, Guests who aren’t staying in the luxurious Disney Resort are out of luck when it comes to meeting everyone’s favorite experiment! Hopefully, Walt Disney World is able to make room for this fan-favorite character.

Otherwise, he may be left behind.

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