“Disney Ruined My Baby’s Name,” Says Mother

Becoming a mother is a huge responsibility. Setting your child up for success is a huge pressure for new parents. One of the biggest responsibilities for parents is picking the perfect name for their baby.

For one young mother, she was thrilled to have found the perfect name for her baby. Unfortunately, she no longer feels “comfortable” using the name after it appeared as a Disney Character in a major Disney movie. Now, the mom is considering changing her baby’s name altogether.

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Babies Name Causes Controversy

While some parents love naming their children after a Disney character, others hate the idea of a Disney-inspired name altogether. Naming your child anything like Elsa, Merida, or Ariel is going to evoke a strong reaction from some people. Naming your kid a Disney-inspired baby name can be a big negative for some parents. That is why one mother was horrified to hear that her son’s perfect name had become a popular Disney name.

Last year, the hit Disney film, Encanto, came out. Children and adults everywhere were loving the music and story of the animated film. The most popular song in the film is called “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” and it was playing everywhere last summer. Unfortunately for one mother, Bruno was the name of her son.

We Don't Talk About Bruno

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Now, she is considering changing the name altogether. The mother posted her concern to Reddit, saying,

“I think I know the answer to this question, but just want to check what the general public thinks. I’m due with a boy later this year and have loved the name Bruno since long before Encanto came out, but since that all-too-catchy song, my opinion on the name has changed. I still love it, but don’t think I’d feel comfortable giving it to my kid quite yet, as it hasn’t been long since the movie and I’m sure that’s all anyone would think of.”

Naming a baby boy Bruno—is it too soon to talk about it?
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Commenters concur that the mother should follow her heart and do what feels best. Disney will keep on releasing more movies, and you never know what name could be the next big thing!

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