Disney Retires Controversial 53-Year-Old Disney Character; Opts for Politically Correct Replacement

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At the end of January, Disney fans bid farewell to one legendary attraction, the Country Bear Jamboree show.

This beloved show has always been a treasured part of the Walt Disney World Resort experience, bringing joy and laughter to Disney park visitors for decades. However, change is a constant in the world of theme parks, and as the show takes a hiatus, exciting transformations are underway to enhance the experience for future Magic Kingdom Park guests.

Namely, the removal of a controversial Disney character…

country bear jamboree entrance sign in frontierland, magic kingdom

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Though fans may be saddened by the temporary closure of the Country Bear Jamboree, they can find solace in the fact that the rest of the gang will be returning in a fresh and reimagined production called the Country Bear Musical Jamboree.

This new theme park rendition promises to deliver an even more vibrant and dynamic performance, captivating audiences with its toe-tapping country music tunes and hilarious antics.

However, while most characters from the original Country Bear Jamboree attraction bear band, including Big Al and Teddi Barra, will be making a comeback, one beloved bear will not be joining the new Grizzly Hall ensemble.

new Country Bear Jamboree Show

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Disney Cuts Controversial Character Due to His Offensive Name

Liver Lips, with his distinct personality and endearing charm, has been retired from the upcoming Country Bear Musical Jamboree attraction.

In the new iteration of the Disney Resort attraction, the singing bear will be remodeled and reintroduced as Romeo McGrowl.

country bear jamboree

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Romeo McGrowl represents a more politically correct version of the character, whose name has been a source of controversy for Disney Parks for the past 53 years.

With this reimagining, Disney aims to inject new energy into the show, captivating a new generation of guests and providing a delightful surprise for returning fans. Romeo Mcgrowl’s presence is evident in Disney’s ongoing mission to remove offensive attractions from the Resort.

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remodel coming for popular magic kingdom attraction

Credit: Disney

Why Is ‘Liver Lips’ Offensive?

The term “liver lips” is considered “offensive” by many academics today. The term refers to  “someone with unusually red or swollen lips, often due to excessive drinking or alcohol-related conditions. The term is considered impolite and derogatory.”

The word unfortunately was typically used as a negative word to describe African American people. Understandably, Disney did not want to keep such an offensive name.

With the retirement of this controversial Disney character, Magic Kingdom will open a new chapter of more inclusive characters and appropriate lyrics at the Country Bear Musical Jamboree.

Country Bear Jamboree

Credit: Disney

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As Disney fans eagerly await the return of the Country Bear Jamboree and embrace the transformation of Liver Lips into Romeo McGrowl, they can rest assured knowing that the spirit and essence of the original attraction will be preserved.

The joy, laughter, and catchy tunes that have made the Country Bear Jamboree a fan favorite will be honored while also offering a fresh twist to reignite the excitement.

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  1. No one gave a crap about this bear’s name. Stop trying so desperately to be offended by something, and trying to manufacture outrage where it doesn’t exist.

  2. Next one in line is “Big Al”. I’m surprised they omitted that one, as it can be offending so some.

  3. These people looking so hard to find offense obviously have way too much time on their hands and should find something productive to do.

  4. I’m going to guess that those outraged at others bein

  5. I’m going to guess that those outraged by people being offended are likely not African American nor disfigured in any way, or else they would understand. Gone are the days of making fun of others appearances. Yes, Big Al should be the next to change names, as pointing out his weight struggle is unnecessary. As a child, I was offended by these things , LONG before being woke was even a thing. Just be kind and Christ like it’s pretty simple. Follow his example. He made fun of no one, and embraced everyone.

  6. I have never heard the term liver lips, it sounds to me like this is a huge stretch. Did someone complain or did Disney act like there was a complaint

    • I’m sick of employees at Disney looking for things to change because of their own perception of what is offensive. I’m mostly talking about Brer Bear Fox and Rabbit and now Liver Lips McGraw. Most people probably didn’t know his name. But Disney is making a big deal about it like they’re being so P.C. or something.

  7. I offended by Romeo mcgrowl. Sounds rapey to me

  8. Oh good grief. I’ve never heard the phrase liver lips. People need to grow up and get a backbone. If the name of a bear in an attraction at a park offends you then you got way bigger problem.

  9. Liver Lips offensive to African Americans. I’ll bet if you asked 1000 African Americans, they would 100 percent say they never heard of that phrase. Disney, you have so disappointed me and many others.

  10. I wont be going to disney ever again and ive gotten allot of people to.do so aldo…their woke agenda offends me….

  11. I’ve been seeing the Bear’s for over 40 yrs , only the last couple of years some small group of people are crying because they don’t like it. And now Disney is giving in to any piss ant group and they go what maybe once in 5 years. Some of us been going over 100 times and spend a lot of $$$$ . Maybe some of us that spend a lot of money stop going and what happens next.

    • There are plenty of things I find offensive! Like rude and ignorant people, the groups in the parks that walk around in groups of 15 or 20 just plowing through crowds, those same groups that have 1 person get in line and hold spots for the other 19 to cut in line, and the few people that have the biggest mouths complaining about everything and wanting to force Disney to change it, when nobody else seems to have a problem with them. Could we please have all of those removed from the parks? Oh! I forgot about the celebrities that reserve an entire park for the day, meaning people who have saved for months to be able to get to the park, can’t.

  12. “Academics” found it offensive? Do the university elitists know that much of normal society finds their snooty arrogance offensive? It’s an animated bear, for goodness sake. Talk about being disconnected from reality.

  13. I am sick and tired of Disney’s attempt at social re-engineering!

  14. What was it: That my family is from scotland, or that I ‘get’ the term L.Lips and it made me feel funny way back in the beginning, or what? My post was stopped twice. Will #3 get thru? Way too much to worry about these days, but D’land is not one of them. Romeo is cute!

  15. I’m betting if Disney just changed the name and not made a big hoopla about changing it, no one would have noticed for a long time.

  16. people in this comment section are the only ones acting offended over names lol

  17. I don’t care that they are changing this show, the Country Bears have been one of my favorites since I was a small child and I’d love to see a fresh take on the show. I don’t even care that they want to change up some of the characters. I do have an issue with why it’s happening more than the fact that it is happening. I would bet a weeks salary that nobody has ever complained about or been offended by the name Liverlips! This is just more pandering to the blue haired leftists that are constantly looking for something they can claim offends them. Even that crowd has probably never considered taking offense to the Country Bears. If anyone should be offended by this show it would be hillbilly’s, rednecks, and pretty much everyone that lives south of the Mason-Dixon line. They don’t, because southerners embrace their culture and can laugh at extreme examples of that culture. Southerners aren’t alone in this. It seems to me black people do the same thing, as do Italians, Irish, etc. etc. Yes, people can cross the line between acceptable use of stereotypes and being offensive, but that is rarely the case. You would think Disney would have learned their lesson when they changed the Tiki Room, which was a dismal failure until fate stepped in and the show was pretty much reset back to the original.

  18. Like w/Mary Poppins. Sorry but a chimney sweep is a necessary job needing those that will do it! And literally, it’s what they do! But while we’re at it, pull that crappy Hunchback movie! A man of power in religion lusting for a woman not his. Double standard. Or burning a home with the people in it because you want your own way. A classic yes, in a book, but attacks on a disfigured person is not Disney cool. Bur by all means, lets mess up a few make believe bears….SMH

  19. Sure going to miss Slash Mountain and Liver Lips

  20. When Academics have to tell people something is offensive.. Yeah ok.
    Disney is dying on the vine.

  21. Dr. Joseph Costa

    For GOD sake give it a break. These are bears not people and the name is not a single thing to do with stereo types. Its a cartoon charecter brought to animation its not real or personal to anyone. People need to stop this nonsense. Grow to hell up.

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