Disney Resort Area Roped Off; Guests Denied Entrance to New Attraction

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Well, this is certainly a bummer! Every year, millions of fans travel to the United States Disney theme parks to experience the attractions and entertainment offerings that they are known for. Families spend thousands of dollars on these trips, and for such a high price, guests expect to be blown away.

A huge reason why families shell out this money is to experience new and limited-addition park offerings. Right now, one such offering has arrived at Disneyland Resort, and fans have been flocking there to enjoy it. However, Disney has suddenly roped off the area of this new attraction, making it inaccessible for up-close viewing.

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Downtown Disney the Alley

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Fans Disappointed After Disney Ropes off Attraction

As part of their promotion for the new season of Doctor Who on Disney+, Disneyland Resort has unveiled a brand new attraction. Fans were thrilled to discover the iconic TARDIS phone booth at Downtown Disney. Nestled amongst the vibrant shops and restaurants of Downtown Disney, this TARDIS replica serves as a whimsical homage to the time-traveling adventures of the Doctor and an exciting promotion for the new chapters ahead.

Fans of the show will instantly recognize the striking blue police box, a symbol of the Doctor’s time and space-traveling vessel. Its presence at Downtown Disney not only delights fans but also adds a touch of magic and nostalgia to the bustling entertainment district. When it was first installed, fans were able to get up close to the phone booth to take pictures and touch the attraction.

Two stylish young people posing confidently, the man in a brown coat and the woman in a leather jacket and plaid skirt, against a luminous circle backdrop inspired by Doctor Who.

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Unfortunate Changed Arrive for TARDIS Attraction

Unfortunately, the rules for this attraction have changed for an unknown reason. Guests on Reddit pointed out that the attraction now has ropes around it to keep guests from getting up close and personal with the attraction. Not only do these ropes keep guests from seeing the attraction up close, but they also negatively affect the photo opportunity.

byu/DiamondHandsDarrell inDisneyland

One guest claims that guests are able to go into the roped section at certain times of the day when a Disney Cast Member is present. While it is still frustrating for many fans, it is certainly better than nothing. Reddit user hihelloneighboroonie said:

“I can see the ropes in the picture… But that’s probably what it was – when I saw it, there were no cms around and it was totally roped off. Guess they don’t man it all day, and open up the ropes when there’s a cm to manage it.”

As this attraction continues to gather attention, it will be interesting to see if Disney keeps the rope up permanently. The new chapters of Doctor Who are set to premiere on Disney+ on March 10, 2024. Until then, fans will have to hope they can experience this attraction while a cast member is present!

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