Disney Guest Tackled as Chaos Erupts at Downtown Disney!

Guest tackled Iker casillas event Downtown Disney
Credit: Selena TikTok

For years, the Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort has been undergoing a major transformation. In 2017, Disney officials announced that a brand-new 5-star hotel would be built in Downtown Disney. Because of that, Disney closed the ESPN Zone Restaurant, the Rainforest Café, the AMC movie theater, and several other stores. However, that hotel plan never came to fruition, and the buildings sat empty for years.

Downtown Disney the Alley

Credit: Disney

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Finally, in 2021 (the year the hotel was supposed to open), Disney announced that the Downtown Disney District would undergo a massive transformation. Buildings would be torn down to make way for new shopping and dining spots and a stage dedicated to fantastic live musical performances.

It’s been nearly three years since the transformation was announced, and the work is nearly done! Four new restaurants are set to open this summer, and the new stage is in place. Multiple events have also taken place in the gorgeous new area, including one for ESPN, which is owned by Disney.

Downtown Disney

Credit: Disney

Unfortunately, the ESPN turned into total chaos, leading to fights between guests and Disneyland security. One guest was even tackled by another.

TikToker Selena (@selenasphotopass) shared a video from the event, which featured beloved former footballer — soccer player for those in the United States — Iker Casillas. Casillas was a key part of the legendary football team, Real Madrid, for nearly two decades. He began with their youth team, where he became the youngest player ever to be a starting goalie. His career skyrocketed, and he was named one of the best goalies of the 21st century.

Casillas has represented Spain in the World Cup four times and, in 2008, was even made Captain of the team. He was also the driving force behind Spain’s first World Cup win in 2010. In 2020, he officially announced his retirement from professional football (AKA soccer).

Iker Casillas

Credit: Slim Flicky, Flickr

Mr. Casillas attended the ESPN event at Downtown Disney, and fans were absolutely elated. They followed Mr. Casillas after he exited the event and walked through the area. However, some fans wanted to get too close — one fan in particular. The man, who is wearing a yellow shirt and what looks like a white towel around his neck, consistently tries to push through the crowd and get closer to Mr. Casillas.

It then appears that he is confronted by a man who is a part of Mr. Casillas’ group. The man, who is in a gray shirt and sunglasses, appears to tell the man in yellow to back off. The man in yellow does not take kindly to the suggestion.


Iker Casillas was in Downtown Disney today for an ESPN event. As he exited, things ended up getting really chatotic. #ikercasillas #disneyland #downtowndisney #espn #soccer #dca #disney #disneyplus #disneycelebrities

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Shortly after the initial confrontation, the man in yellow shoves the man in gray into a trash can. Disneyland security quickly intervenes and pushes the man in yellow back.

That is where the video ends, so we are not sure what happened to the man in yellow. However, Disney does not take assault and other acts of violence lightly. The man was warned and chose to ignore the warning. So, he was most likely escorted off Disney property and told not to return. He may have even received a trespass notice, which would ban him from visiting any Disney Resort in the future.

violent fan Iker Casillas event

Credit: Selena TikTok

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While soccer is not the prominent and most popular sport here in the United States, it is incredibly popular with a lot of the guests who visit Disneyland. It is so popular that, in December 2021, Disney opened the Pele Soccer Shop in Downtown Disney. The store is full of soccer jerseys from teams around the world, as soccer gear for both adults and children.

Do you think the man in yellow should have been thrown out of Disney? What should security have done? Let us know in the comments!

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