Disney Rallies Legal Counsel to Stop Popular Online Trend

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In the past few weeks, fans from all over the world have loved partaking in the new Pixar AI trend that turns user’s pets into adorable movie posters. This trend has blown up on the TikTok platform, with thousands of new posters published on the daily. While many might assume that Disney would see this as a good PR move for the company, that is not looking to be the case.

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Disney Pixar Dog AI

Credit: Bing Image Creator

New AI Trend Sweeps the Internet

Picture this: you have a beloved furry friend, a faithful companion who brings endless joy and unconditional love into your life. Now imagine being able to immortalize their adorable features and capture their vibrant personalities in the form of a captivating Pixar movie poster. Thanks to the extraordinary advancements in AI, this is now a possibility.

With the help of AI-generated content and image creation tools, pet owners can turn their precious pups into virtual cartoon characters that resemble the iconic animation style of Disney Pixar films. This innovative AI tool analyzes the unique facial features, expressions, and even the distinctive quirks of each individual animal and seamlessly transforms them into whimsical characters straight out of a Pixar masterpiece.

One of the fascinating aspects of this Disney AI trend is the way it combines technology and artistry. AI algorithms are used to recognize, analyze, and recreate the intricate details of a dog’s face, ensuring that the transformation into a Pixar-style poster is accurate and visually stunning. The end result is a beautiful fusion of the owner’s adoration for their furry friend and the enchanting world of Disney animation.

However, Disney does not feel too fond of this trend.

roy e disney animation building with more than 500 disney characters

Credit: The Walt Disney Company

Disney Makes Legal Play to Stop AI Poster Trend

In a groundbreaking move, the Walt Disney Company has recently joined the battle against trademark infringement in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI). As the use of AI becomes increasingly prevalent, particularly in the creation of digital content, Disney has taken proactive measures to safeguard its cherished trademarks and intellectual property.

Under this proposal, Disney has approached Microsoft with the intention of curbing any potential misuse of its trademarks by AI users. This marks a significant milestone in the entertainment industry’s efforts to address the challenges presented by the rapid advancements in AI technology.

Disney’s primary concern lies in the unauthorized use of its trademarks by AI systems, which could potentially generate content infringing upon famous characters, logos, and movie posters. While the dog posters are pretty much harmless, they could mislead fans and cause issues for their legal team.

disney and pixar films

Credit: Disney/Pixar/Pinterest/Canva

In response to Disney’s wishes, Microsoft has reportedly blocked the term “Disney” from being used in their image generator. Now, the AI is able to produce these same style posters but with a jumbled sort of Disney logo.

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