Disney Proposal Gone WRONG! Guests Watch on as Couple’s Special Moment Is a Total DISASTER

disney proposal gone wrong
Credit: @AlisonBanow on TikTok and Canva

It may be the happiest place on earth for many, but it was not for this couple!

For many Disney fans, a proposal in Disney would be a dream come true. There’s something truly special about saying “I do” in the world of Disney, where dreams come true and fairy tales become reality. Whether it’s in front of the iconic Cinderella Castle in Walt Disney World or Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Park, these enchanting locations have witnessed countless magical moments over the years.

However, sometimes a happily ever after ends up being an unfortunate rejection…

disney proposal

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A Less Than Romantic Disney Moment

Many Disney fans grew up watching their favorite Princes and Princesses get their happily-ever-afters in the movies. There are love stories seen in many of Disney’s iconic movies, and that can absolutely be seen and felt in the Parks. This is one of the reasons why many couples and Disney fans choose to get engaged on Park property.

However, not all proposals end in a happy ending, and if there were a list of the worst places to get rejected, Disney would indeed be nearing the top. This is especially true when one decides to propose in a location as insufferable and busy as Toontown at Disneyland Resort. In a viral video posted by A, a proposal goes majorly wrong when her partner decides to propose in Toontown instead of her ideal location.

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Magic Kingdom wedding

Credit: Disney, Rick Ferro, Ali Nasser

“Babe, NO!”

A video of the scene has blown up due to just how wild the whole scene really is. It is absolutely hilarious and shocking to see it all play out in real time like it did. Seeing the shock and horror on the faces of surrounding Guests is something that must have been scarring to see in real life.


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It turns out that the video is actually a parody; the “couple” in question planned it all as a prank. Still, I cannot imagine what it must have felt like to be a Guest watching this all go down in this Disney Park last week!

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