Disney Powerless to Help Guest Caught in “Nightmare Scenario”

Disney cruise nightmare
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Imagine stepping off the Disney Wish ship after an enchanting cruise, only to find yourself plunged into a nightmarish situation that has you questioning the magic of the entire experience. This is the unfortunate reality for one Disney Cruise Line guest who, after disembarking from the recently lauded Disney Wish, is facing a mind-boggling dilemma that even Disney seems powerless to resolve.

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Disney Cruise Nightmare

The story begins with a simple return home after an amazing vacation. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? But, oh, the plot thickens. The Disney Wish passenger then detailed their “nightmare scenario” in a Reddit thread upon realizing the keys to their vehicle were not within their checked luggage.

Living in a Nightmare after an amazing Cruise
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The keys mysteriously stayed in Port Canaveral instead of joining the owner on returning to reality. Enter the Find My app, which revealed the keys’ bizarre detour. It’s a digital breadcrumb trail from where the cruise concluded. While not the end of the world, the situation quickly deteriorated.

Here’s where the nightmare intensifies. The keys belong to a 2020 VW Tiguan, and it turns out Disney’s magic doesn’t extend to summoning replacement keys. A VW dealership is the sole source capable of crafting a new key.

Towing the car to the dealership would be a wallet-draining affair when adding the cost of a replacement key and the rideshare it would take to get there on top. In fact, the price tag made taking a flight back to Port Canaveral to retrieve the keys the less expensive option.

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Disney Can’t Help

While Disney, renowned for turning dreams into reality, is not entirely to blame, their inability to do much to rectify the situation is disappointing. The lost and found process, which is outsourced to a third party, hasn’t been punctual or responsive to their efforts to help.

The guest is now left distressed and stuck in a waiting game. Disney’s response, channeled through guest services, only goes so far when the keys are in a jurisdiction beyond its reach.

The emotional whiplash, from reliving the cruise’s magic to grappling with the harsh reality of the situation, has this guest in shambles. We can only imagine the helplessness of this dream-turned-nightmare.

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Comments and Advice

Responses in the Reddit thread did their best to help. Some noted that trip insurance might alleviate some of the financial costs of the mistake.

Did you buy trip insurance? If so, that might help with some of the expenses.

Is there a spare fob at home? It might be easier and cheaper to get a hotel room and have someone overnight a spare fob to you.

byu/carr0ts from discussion

Another was a little more blunt. They questioned why the original poster did not keep their keys on them instead of placing them in the checked luggage.

I’m genuinely curious why you would put car keys in a checked bag, not your carry on?

We haven’t lost anything like that but one time our pet sitter didn’t pull our door closed fully and drained the battery in our keypad. Some point the door was pulled shut so it was locked with no battery. We were panicked until I remembered we had an actual key on our car key chain

byu/carr0ts from discussion

It is important to note that most vacations on a Disney ship end with happy memories. Embarking on the high seas aboard a ship like the Disney Magic or Disney Wonder is a uniquely amazing time. Furthermore, the company will release its next ship, the Disney Treasure, next year.

Disney is usually synonymous with solving problems with a sprinkle of pixie dust. However, it seems not every situation can be solved with faith and hope. Here’s hoping this disillusioned passenger can escape this Disney cruise nightmare with keys and a car.

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