Disney Cast Member Who Suffered Life-Threatening Injury Has Great News & Is Reaching Out to Her Fans in Gratitude

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A Disney cast member who suffered a devastating fall earlier this month is an inspiration as she recovers from a life-threatening accident that took place during a performance earlier this month.

anastasia olson disney on ice skater injured during show

Credit: Instagram/@StaciaOlson/Canva

Though most of the general public had never heard of her before mid-February this year, Disney cast member Anastasia Olson has been bringing people together–Disney fans and non-fans alike–and she was largely none the wiser throughout the whole process.

Olson, a 31-year-old professional ice skater, is even being hailed a hero by some. But her path to that heroism has not been an easy, enjoyable, or expected one–and it began because of a terrible accident on the ice.

On February 10, during a Disney on Ice performance at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in which she portrayed Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, the 31-year-old figure skater suffered a devastating and “scary” fall on the ice in the middle of a performance. She was immediately transported to a local hospital, where she was initially said to be in critical condition. At one point in the first few days following the accident, Olson was said to be “fighting for her life.

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Now, however, she is making a magnificent recovery, and the young ice skater is thanking her fans for their unending support following her life-threatening ordeal.

This week, Olson posted photos from her performance as Belle in Disney on Ice‘s version of Beauty and the Beast.

“I’m overwhelmed with emotions and love from everyone over the last week,” Olson wrote. “I’ve felt every single prayer, and it’s helped me get through this scary time.”

The professional ice skater continued, saying, “I can’t help but feel so blessed. My heart sends so much love to you all, and if I’ve learned anything, it’s to never take life for granted.”

In response to Olson’s post, several parents responded with comments about their children having been in attendance during the performance during which the skater fell on the ice, and many of those little ones have been asking about Belle and how she’s doing.

Olson responded to those parents, asking them to let their kids know that “Belle is ok and recovering.”

Earlier in the week, when Olson first returned to social media, she posted a quote from author Alex Elle about the nature of healing to her Instagram story.

“Gentle Reminder,” the post reads, “In your sense of darkness, may you remember that your inner light cannot be dimmed. No matter what you’re walking through, you will return to yourself. Trust and believe that you are healing. Always — Alex Elle.”

The young skater did not focus on her medical condition or updates about her health, but she did respond with “likes” to fans’ well wishes for a speedy recovery that were posted under the last photo she shared before her fall.
Last week, the official website for Hennepin County Medical Center, where Olson was being treated after her accident, confirmed that she was finally in “satisfactory condition,” adding that her condition means that she has “an excellent or good prognosis.” Only days before, the young Disney on Ice skater had been listed in “serious condition.”

As of this publication, no further information or updates about Olson’s health have been released, but as new information becomes available, this post will be updated to include that information.

Our continued well wishes and prayers are with Olson as she continues her path to recovery.

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