Disney Makes Bold Move to Become More Sustainable, But Guests Will Be the Ones to Pay For It

Even when we don’t see it, the Walt Disney Company is always working towards “A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” and the betterment of society, which doesn’t always mean progress in the Parks.

Sometimes, the best of the Walt Disney Company’s progress toward a better tomorrow is made outside of the Disney Park sphere. For example, Animal Kingdom recently donated half a million dollars to five different Florida conservation organizations.

Credit: TheWaltDisneyCompany

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Another example is the vast expanse of solar panels arranged in the shape of Mickey’s head, which can power up to 40 percent of a Disney Park’s yearly energy.

Now, Walt Disney World Resort is making another effort to become more sustainable. The only difference is that it’s the Guests who will be paying for it this time.

Credit: Disney

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If you shop at big department stores such as Walmart or Target, then you’ve probably noticed an effort to phase out single-use plastic bags. Instead, many companies are encouraging consumers to bring reusable bags from home (or purchase them there).

As it turns out, Walt Disney World Resort is also phasing out the iconic plastic bags with a colorful castle. Soon, they will no longer be offered to Guests purchasing souvenirs at Disney stores.

Disney Store

Credit: Disney

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Instead, Guests will be offered a reusable, sustainable shopping bag in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. However, these bags will not be free and will actually cost anywhere from $1 to $3, depending on the size.

However, these bags have fun designs on them, which differ depending on the location you’ve bought them from. These reusable bags will be super useful and can be used as reusable bags for grocery shopping later, but it is kind of a bummer that Disney is giving Guests no choice but to shell out a few extra bucks for them.

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