As Disney Focuses on Making Money Instead of the Guests’ Experience, Fans Turn to Universal to Avoid “Corporate Greed”

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It’s no secret that Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort have been locked in a theme park war for years. Sometimes, Disney World comes out on top, then Universal will add a new attraction or a new themed area, and the crowds will switch. Then Disney World swiftly catches up, and the game starts over again.

But now, in the post-pandemic world, the equilibrium has been totally thrown off, as well as Guests’ expectations.

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After the pandemic, many Guests have returned to visiting theme parks with a gusto unlike anything we’ve seen before. The crowds in Walt Disney World and Universal Studios easily confirm this. However, the theme parks have also noticed this, and the prices have risen above inflation to meet the new demands. Not everyone is on board with these prices, nor willing to meet those prices.

As a result, even the most loyal Disney fans have turned to Universal instead…

One Disney fan, who has been visiting once a year for 30 years, recently aired out their frustrations on Reddit.

wait what??? ticket prices??
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Unfortunately, this fan isn’t the only one who has been on the fence about whether to return to Walt Disney World or Universal Studios due to ‘corporate greed.’

Another fan writes in the same thread, “we’re transitioning to a Universal stint on this year’s WDW trip. Never been to Universal but something tells me they do hotels way better than WDW, Which isnt hard.”

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Not only are prices increasing at Walt Disney World, but many fans and frequent visitors feel that the quality isn’t rising at the same pace. In short, you’re paying more for a lesser experience at a Disney Park. As a result, many are turning to give Universal Studios a try instead.
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How do you feel about this theme park war? Do you think Universal Studios is worth the price of Walt Disney World?

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