Disney Guests Are Now Paying an Additional Fee to Ride Pirates of the Caribbean

Disney Guests Are Now Paying an Additional Fee to Ride Pirates of the Caribbean
Credit: Disneyland Paris

Disney Parks like Walt Disney World and Disneyland are known for innovative Imagineering marvels that embrace the concepts of strong storytelling. Often, these beautifully crafted rides and attractions become immortalized as they easily stand the test of time.

Although as old as its home, Disney Park, one particular ride at Disneyland, Pirates of the Caribbean, is a great example!

pirates of the caribbean ride

Credit: Disney

Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland was the first of its kind.

Although it now has sister locations throughout the world, including Disney World, Disneyland Paris, and Shanghai Disney, the original, which was literally touched by the hands of Walt Disney himself, has not only become a Disney tradition for many, but it has also sparked one of the most successful swashbuckling franchises in the world, giving birth to Jack Sparrow.

Guests can step into a world of adventure and intrigue as they embark on the legendary Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

This iconic attraction, located within the enchanting Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World and in New Orleans Square at Disneyland, has captured the hearts of millions of visitors since its debut in 1967.

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The Pirates of the Caribbean ride invites guests to join a rollicking adventure through the Golden Age of Piracy. Upon boarding your boat, you will immediately be transported to a time when pirates ruled the Caribbean seas.

From the first whimsical note of the iconic “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me)” song, you will be immersed in a tale of treasure, betrayal, and epic battles.

Immerse yourself in the incredibly detailed sets and scenery that bring the pirates’ world to life. Every scene tells a story as you glide through dimly lit caves, encounter bustling pirate ports, and sail past eerie skeletons.

From the atmospheric Blue Bayou Restaurant, where you can dine amidst the ambiance of moonlit waters, to the haunting Dead Man’s Cove, the attention to detail is unparalleled.

captain jack sparrow pirates of the caribbean ride disney world

Credit: Flickr/Brett Kiger

No visit to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride would be complete without encountering the beloved Captain Jack Sparrow. As you journey through the swashbuckling adventure, keep an eye out for this mischievous pirate, brilliantly portrayed by Johnny Depp.

His witty one-liners and memorable antics add an extra layer of excitement and charm to the experience.

Prepare to be captivated by the thrill of a classic Disney boat ride. Cruising through the winding canals, you’ll encounter exciting surprises and breathtaking scenes at every turn.

The gentle movement of the boat, combined with the animatronic figures and vibrant storytelling, create an immersive experience that will have you longing to set sail once more.

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The Pirates of the Caribbean ride has stood the test of time, captivating generations of Disney park-goers. Its enduring popularity has also led to its inclusion in Disney parks worldwide, from Disneyland Paris to Tokyo Disneyland and Shanghai Disney Resort.

This testament to its timeless appeal is a testament to the ride’s ability to transport guests into a world of adventure and wonder.

As the ride maintains its popularity, largely in part to Johnny Depp and Jack Sparrow, but mostly because it is a gorgeous classic that calls back to simpler, more nostalgic times, wait times for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride can get lengthy, especially on hot days.

pirates of the caribbean disney world

Credit: Disney Parks

For this reason, it is often not a bad idea to use Disney’s Lightning Lane system to skip those pesky waits while exploring the seven seas with the archrival of Davy Jones.

However, not every park in the world that is home to a POTC attraction incorporates Lightning Lane. If you’re hoping to experience the high-tech class between Davy Jones and Captain Jack Sparrow in Shanghai Disney or sail through sacked Caribbean towns at Disneyland Paris, lightning lane is not an option.

Instead, at Disneyland Paris, Premiere Access is the way to go!

And now, Pirates of the Caribbean is selling “fast passes” at the France-based theme park. As Disney’s Premiere Access system promises to “turbo-charge your day” by helping you skip long lines for popular attractions, the inclusion of Pirates of the Caribbean makes perfect sense.

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The best part is that there are two services to better suit your Disneyland Paris day!

Disney’s Premiere Access Ultimate option allows you full access to all available participating rides with no return time. In shorter words, ride when you want, while they’re base Premiere Access service works more like Lightning Lane at Walt Disney World.

Now, Disneyland Paris guests can utilize both options to secure a ride alongside Captain Jack Sparrow on Pirates of the Caribbean.

According to Disneyland Paris’s website and multiple fan accounts, you now have no excuse to miss out on the family fun of a boat ride through the Caribbean with a few really bad eggs!

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