Disney Forcing Fans to Pay Extra for Taylor Swift Content

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Disney+ constantly seeks to diversify its offerings with original programming spanning various genres.

Disney+ now has a plan for Swifties or Taylor Swift fans to pay extra for her new content coming to Disney+. Taylor Swift has been on her ERAS Tour, featuring songs from all her albums, including Red, Midnights, Fearless, Lover, Speak Now, Debut, Reputation, 1989, Folklore, and Evermore.

Taylor Swift Disney+

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Taylor Swift recently just won her 13th Grammy, and during her win, she announced that her brand new album, The Tourtated Poets Department, will be released on April 19. Following Taylor Swift’s Instagram page the next post she shared was more exciting news.


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This exciting news dealt with Disney+ and her new film on the ERAS Tour. Taylor Swift’s film is heading to Disney+ on March 15.

With all this Taylor Swift excitement, Swifties are excited to watch her film on Disney+. However, Disney+ has a trick up their sleeve. Starting March 14, yes March 14, a normal Thursday, Disney+ will start the big crackdown on password sharing.

MouseInfo tweeted on X (formally known as Twitter) questioned why Disney+ is doing the crackdown the day before Taylor Swift The EARS Tour is coming to Disney+.

Disney+ fans have known about password crackdowns for a while as Disney+ is following in Netflix’s footsteps. Netflix is one of the largest and most established streaming services globally. It offers a vast library of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and original content across multiple genres. Netflix’s extensive catalog, global reach, and commitment to original programming make it a formidable competitor to Disney+.

Disney has a vast network of partnerships and promotional tie-ins. Taylor Swift, with her immense popularity and influence, could potentially partner with Disney for promotional campaigns or special events related to Disney+.

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Disney+ followed in the Taylor Swift trend with the viral chicken and ranch post, and Disney fans have now been following the NFL due to Taylor Swift dating Travis Kelce, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. While Swifties have been following around Disney and Taylor’s news, they are hopeful that Taylor Swift will appear at Disneyland if the Chiefs win the Super Bowl.

Taylor Swift Disney+

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Do you think this password lockdown timing is very convenient since Taylor Swift’s film will be released the day after?

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  1. You’re not paying extra, you are abiding by the terms and conditions. It’s still a shame watching content is becoming so difficult and pricy. I kind of miss the old cable model then movies come from Netflix.