Disney & ELLE Magazine join forces to celebrate real-life heroes and heroines

Disney’s “Ultimate Princess Celebration” is in full-swing and continues with a partnership with ELLE Magazine to celebrate real-life heroes and heroines who embody the goodness, kindness, bravery and other characteristics of Disney’s beloved princesses.

Gone are the days when “Disney Princess” only meant a beautiful young girl gazing out the window waiting for her prince to come and save her from her current status or circumstances.

Today, “Disney Princess” is often synonymous with “ground-breaker” and “earth-shaker” and “forward-thinker.” Just look at Moana’s determination to find food for her people, even if it meant putting herself in harm’s way. Mulan was the picture of courage and sacrifice, heading off to war so her father wouldn’t have to.

Mulan (Photo Credit: Disney)

Even Belle was a quick-thinker and a heroine, sacrificing her own freedom and well-being so her father could go free–but remaining strong, even in the face of Beast’s angry temper–until she was once again free–and on her own terms.

ELLE Magazine will profile the “Modern Heroines,” those who embody many of these traits and use their determination and motivation to make the world a better place for others.

The September issue is on newsstands now, and it profiles four women who embrace the spirit of a Disney Princess in their everyday lives. Read about Eva Longoria, Misty Copeland, Amanda Nguyen, and Padma Lakshmi.

Additional issues will follow through April 2022, profiling 10 more “Princess Heroes” who have gained wisdom from Disney Princesses and use that wisdom and insight to help others and encourage them to embrace those inspiring characteristics as well.

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