Disney Dining Plan for the Single Traveler

Disney Dining Plan for the Single Traveler

I am writing today as a single traveler to Walt Disney World. So the big question here, is the Disney Dinning Plan something a single traveler should consider? My answer is a resounding YES! One of the best parts of a Walt Disney World vacation is its wonderful dining experiences. There are several dining plans at Walt Disney World in which to choose. Personally, I believe the 2013 Dinning Plan and 2013 the Quick Service dinning plan is the best two options for the single traveler. Both of these options are friendly on your budget and are only available through a Walt Disney World Vacation package. That adds a lot of convenience to your vacation planning. But to a single traveler they both have different benefits and facts to consider.

The 2013 Quick Service Plan

The obvious choice for a single traveler is the 2013 Quick Service plan. This plan includes two quick service and two snacks per person per night of your stay. It also includes a collectable mug per person. These mugs can be refilled in any resorts quick service location. (These mugs can’t be refilled in the theme parks or water parks.) The quick service plan meal includes one entrée, one non-alcoholic, and dessert. For the single traveler this option offers extreme flexibility and convenience. The quick service plan is redeemed at the many counter service restaurants at Walt Disney World. These restaurants do include the normal fare of hamburgers, hot dogs, and French fries but at Walt Disney World they also far exceed the normal fare. For example, Sunshine Seasons at EPCOT’s The Land Pavilion offers several different food stations with a variety of options to choose from. Entrees like Mongolian Beef with Vegetable Fried Rice and Oak-grilled Fish with Seasonal Vegetables to many more options. Sunshine Shine Seasons offers a station just for desserts, fruit, and beverages as well. This is just one example of the variety and tasty counter service options available at Walt Disney World. The snack options on the Quick service include soda, chips, popcorn, or fruit. But in true Disney style they also include more than one realizes. For example, at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café inside the Magic Kingdom, as a snack you can get Chili Cheese French Fries as a snack. The Quick Service Plan allows the single traveler with flexible options and many tasty chooses to enjoy.

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The biggest benefit of the Quick Service plan is how easy it is to eat alone. Every single person whether traveling or in everyday life knows how hard it to eat alone in a restaurants. It is not an easy thing to do. However I challenge one to think beyond the easiness of quick service restaurants and look to the 2013 Dining Plan.

2013 Dining Plan

The 2013 Dining plan includes one quick service, one table service, one snack per person and one resort collectable mug per night per person. (The quick service, snack and resort mug offered on this plan are just like the quick service discussed above.) The difference is this option opens the door to the many fabulous table service options. Walt Disney World has so many fine dining, character dining, and themed dining to experience that one could never run out of new places to try. When you eat at a table service restaurant you get, entrée, dessert, and non-alcoholic beverage to choice from. The taste options range from simple to the extravagant. Disney restaurants are welcoming to families as well as the single travelers. Now you might be saying but as a single traveler I am still eating alone. Yes but the atmosphere is so different at Walt Disney World. The cast members go out of their way to make sure that everyone has a magical experience. The guests at the restaurants also are in a very festive mood. I have eaten alone in table service restaurants and had a very pleasant time and didn’t feel like I was dining alone. My best experience was at the 50’s Primetime Café. I had such a magical time.

Both the 2013 Quick Service and 2013 Dining Plan are great options for the single traveler to Walt Disney World. Adding the Disney Dining Plan to your vacation packages adds convenience and ease to your Walt Disney World vacation.

About Marie Montgomery

My name is Marie Montgomery and I love Walt Disney World. Well love is a bit of an understatement. I am a Disney nut and proud. In the fall of 2004, I did the Disney College Program as a Vacation Planner at the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC). I had such a wonderful time working that I wanted to continue my experience. In January of 2005 I became a Campus Representative for the Disney College Program as I finished college. This role allowed me to share the magical experience with my fellow students. Needless to say I LOVED IT! As a Campus Representative I also did several seasonal offers and was able to work in a variety of roles. I was a gate greeter at the TTC , Merchandiser in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom and Private Dining at the Contemporary resort. I loved all of these roles. During this time I also planned vacations for myself and my family and friends. Some of the people I have traveled with have special needs and I have learned how to plan for these needs as well. My friends call me the planner because I pay attention to the details while making sure everyone in the group has a magical time. I have vacationed without the Disney Dining Plan in the past but once I tried the Disney Dining Plan I have never vacationed again without it. I am always looking forward to the next Walt Disney World vacation. Let’s face it there is always another Walt Disney World vacation.