Disney Company Announces End of Fan-Favorite Offering After More Than 23 Years

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Disney has announced its decision to end a fan-favorite offering, bidding a sad farewell after nearly a quarter of a century.

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Disney: The Every-Evolving Operation

Over the course of The Walt Disney Company’s 100-year-long history, Disney’s way of doing things has continued to evolve with the times, with technology, and with park guests’ and fans’ wishes.

Walt Disney, the genius visionary and founder of the company, likely couldn’t have imagined a time in which there would be a more effective means of communication about upcoming projects and parks than a Sunday evening television show.

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He likely couldn’t have imagined sharing information and updates about the construction progress at Disneyland with millions of people with a simple keystroke rather than a television program or ads in periodicals and magazines.

But had he lived long enough to enjoy the convenience of email, the internet, and social media, Walt Disney likely would have been a pro, using all available media to his advantage as a means of sharing the magic with people next door and around the globe.

100 Years Renders Many Things Obsolete

Though they might seem nearly archaic to fans in the 21st century, Walt’s many ideas, inventions, and creations from the earliest days of The Walt Disney Company could have been described as cutting-edge, outside-the-box, and unconventional.

Walt had a knack for doing things differently, doing things better, and doing things that had never been done before–and he was wise enough to surround himself with team members who shared that visionary prowess.

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Over the years, the Disney Company has remained at the top of its game, leading the entertainment industry, as well as the theme park and attractions industries, always striving to offer the “next new thing” that no other entity has done before.

Many companies don’t enjoy a longevity that allows them to see the development, rise, and obsoletion of technology and other elements.

But as Disney has been around for more than 100 years, the company and its leadership have had to adjust, grow, evolve, and change to stay not only relevant but competitive as well, and as technology, operative procedures, and other things become obsolete, the Disney Company has always kept up with those changes, making the necessary adjustments.

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Disney Movie Club: The End of An Era

On Tuesday, Disney announced its decision to dissolve a fan-favorite offering that has been around for more than 23 years but has largely become obsolete.

The Disney Movie Club opened to fans in November 2000 and offered fans the convenience of purchasing Disney movies on DVD, as well as exclusive merchandise, with discounts. Items were then delivered to members’ homes, making accessing Disney magic extremely easy.

Disney Movie Club was the only program that granted members access to Disney’s movie library of more than 125 titles that included classic and modern releases.

Disney movie club ending

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Disney Movie Club members were notified about the termination of the program on Tuesday via an email from Disney, which noted the last day to place orders for movies will be May 20, 2024. The email also instructed members to either spend their accumulated account credits by that date or request a refund through Disney’s customer support service.

As the program comes to an end, Disney is offering members special perks, including $10 movies, other discounts, and various gifts and surprises as part of the club’s farewell.

disney movie club ending

Credit: Disney Movie Club

Disney cites changing consumer trends, as well as a difference in viewing preferences, as the reasons for its decision to end the program.

It’s not a surprising move as Disney is just one of many companies making the choice to move away from the business of physical movies on disc.

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Because most titles–whether Disney’s or another company’s–are available to stream, consumers have stopped purchasing hard copies of films and other entertainment offerings, opting instead to simply save the expense and the hassle and stream them at home or on the go.

Retailers like Best Buy and others have already stopped selling DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, and other physical media as the demand for those has waned in recent years with the onset, prevalence, and convenience of streaming services like Disney+ and others.

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