Disney Cast Member Finds Abandoned Newborn In Park

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Disney Cast Members were notified when a newborn baby was left unattended and parents were nowhere in sight.

Disneyland Resort is where guests go to make memories that will last a lifetime… a Disney location known as “The Happiest Place on Earth.”

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Credit: Disney

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Being known as the “Happiest Place on Earth,” guests expect to spot happy Disney fans, make good memories, and experience magical attractions and entertainment offerings.

Disney Parks are located all over the world, and thousands of guests visit them daily. Guests heading to Orlando, Florida, may enjoy Disney World, including four theme parks: Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Across the country on the Pacific coast, Disneyland Resort includes two theme parks Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park.

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With Disneyland seeing thousands of guests bringing families, friends, and others, children can easily get lost in crowds.

In a TikTok, one guest spotted a newborn baby that was reportedly left unattended for over 20 minutes crying.

They couldn’t find the parents, and the video says she came back and “acted as if nothing happened.”


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When watching the TikTok, you can see a Disney Cast Member stopping the mother and, most likely, asking her questions pertaining to the incident.


Credit: Disney

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While we do not know how this ended, we are glad the parents finally made their way back to the baby. And in the future, we hope others will have a reminder to never leave their children unattended, even if it is for a few minutes.

If you see a missing or lost child, or a child that has been left unattended, go find your nearest Disney Cast Member, and they will handle finding the parents and taking the child to safety.

Disney parents or guardians may want to look into safety tips like adding a phone number or tag to children or placing them in a stroller or baby leash when trying to get through large crowds to help prevent missing or lost children inside Disney Parks.

Have you ever spotted a lost or unattended child at a Disney Park? Let us know in the comments. 

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  1. We were in EPCOT, near France. There was a little one (around 6 – 8 months old) unattended in a stroller parked in the sea of strollers. He was happily looking around. A mom comes out with QS food trays and drinks & sees her family. She instantly notices the baby is not the. Dad says you had him, she insists – no, I went for the food, you had the kids. She instantly panics, and starts screaming the child’s name. He hears mom and noticed the distress & starts crying. Mom runs to the stroller & grabs him. Obviously, this was a miscommunication but if looks could kill, mom was furious. When we noticed the child we kept an eye on him while others looked for a cadt member, but from the time we saw him 4 – 7 minutes passed.

  2. Yes. I found a lost little girl. Took her to the nearest cast member and then ran across her family that was frantically looking for her. As they came near me the cast member saw them and was able to reunite them.

  3. The one place you don’t want to leave a child where they can teach it gender ideals and how to be a lbbtq+

  4. In many European countries, it is common practice to leave your kid in a stroller unattended on the sidewalk while you go and do other things like having lunch in a restaurant, shopping, etc. Then parents come to Disney from those countries without doing their research and don’t realize that not only is that not common practice in the US, but it’s also illegal and highly dangerous for the kid. Unfortunately, it ends up being the cast members who have to explain to the parents why they can’t leave their child unattended in the US.

    • YES! T Wever, you are exactly right!
      I was a Cast Member in 2002….This actually happens A LOT!! Also….couples would leave them napping and go on a ride that the baby couldn’t ride on. I truly think this happens daily and people have never noticed. 👍

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