Disney Bus Driver Spreads Pixie Dust and Leaves Guests Speechless

Rhyan Lynch
Credit: Disney, Adobe

Disney Cast Members are truly some of the most incredible people on earth. We love the rides. We adore the food, but honestly, the Cast Members make Walt Disney World the Most Magical Place on Earth! Sometimes though, a Cast Member goes above and beyond to make a guest’s day. We call that “pixie dust.”

Pixie dust can be very specific (randomly giving a child a balloon for free) or very general (randomly leading an unplanned group activity). The keyword there, though, is random. Most of the time, pixie dust is unpredictable and a one-off sort of event.

For one Disney bus driver, though, making magic is a way of life. Meet Rhyan Lynch. Rhyan is a bus driver at Walt Disney World, and he spends his days making magic happen on every route he drives. 

Singing Disney Bus driver rhyan lynch

Credit: TikTok/@Cristelleatx

In a viral video on TikTok, Rhyan not only told jokes and kept the guests on his bus entertained, but he also revealed a hidden talent: the man can SING!  He serenaded guests with an incredible rendition of  “A Whole New World” that was so good Guests ended phone calls and stopped conversations in order to listen! 

TikTok user @Cristelleatx caught much of it on camera and posted it to the social media platform with her own thoughts.  “Aside from making funny jokes along the ride to keep us entertained after a long day, he said he wanted to add one last bit of magic to our day,” she said. 

Singing Disney bus driver Ryan lynch

Credit: TikTok/@Cristelleatx

People tagged the official Walt Disney World TikTok account in the hopes that they would notice Rhyan’s incredible talent. Many said Disney should give him a raise. Others suggested Disney move him into a performance role. We’ve got to admit, after hearing him sing, he absolutely would excel as a performer.  

In her video, Cristelle commented, “Keep in mind that he only gets paid to drive, but went out of his way to make everyone’s day.” This is the sort of magic that separates Disney from other locations. In a role that doesn’t require a lot of people interaction, Rhyan goes out of his way to bring smiles to people’s faces. That, not freebies, is what pixie dust is really about. You can view Rhyan’s incredible performance here

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