Convicted Felon Found Living Inside Walt Disney World Attraction

Credit: Disney

For the most part, the Walt Disney World Resort is known for being a wholesome, family-friendly resort. With millions of families flocking to the park every year, fans have grown accustomed to things being up to Disney’s standards regarding the safety and protection of innocence for young guests.

Throughout the parks, Disney does their best to eliminate political messaging and crude language, and the resort has a strict zero-tolerance policy for violence. However, due to a recent political event, it now looks like Disney is housing someone who may be against their moral code: a convicted felon.

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Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom Park

Credit: Disney

The Felon Who Calls Disney Home

The Hall of Presidents stands as a timeless tribute within Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, where visitors can immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of American history through an engaging and educational experience. This iconic attraction brings to life the legacies of the United States Presidents, from George Washington to Joe Biden, showcasing their contributions to the nation within Liberty Square.

As you step into the hallowed halls of this patriotic showcase, you are greeted by lifelike animatronic figures of these esteemed leaders; each presented with meticulous attention to detail by Walt Disney Imagineering. Moreover, the Hall of Presidents is not just a mere display of robotic figures; it offers a profound insight into the challenges and triumphs faced by the leaders of the free world.

Donald Trump Hall of Presidents

Credit: Disney

From great moments such as Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s leadership during World War II, visitors are taken on a journey through pivotal periods in American history. The attraction serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring principles upon which the nation was founded, encapsulated by the stirring speeches and noble actions of these iconic presidents.

While this attraction is loved and appreciated by many fans, it now is getting attention for a slightly less positive reason. After today’s court ruling in New York City, this attraction is now home to a convicted felon, the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump.

hall of presidents at magic kingdom disney world

Credit: Becky Burkett

President Donald Trump Found Guilt on 34 Counts

Just moments ago, it was revealed that former President Donald J. Trump has been found guilty of 34 counts of falsifying business records. The highly publicized hush-money trial concluded with the worst possible verdict for Mr. Trump, and now, the world must decide how to move forward with his public perception.

So, what does this mean for Disney? As a family-friendly company, it does seem odd that a real-life felon is a featured part of a Disney attraction. This could be especially controversial if he is reelected in the upcoming election over President Biden. While no decision has been made, it is certain that Disney will question what to do in the coming days and months.

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  1. Trump was out President. He will be again. I hope Disney doesn’t do something stupid, like removing him from the Hall of Presidents.

  2. Really….you have to jump on the bandwagon…what a jerk you are. He was a President of the United States….sorry, but that is the truth. Stick to covering Disney news, not stirring up S***….

    • Totally agree Becky

      • Why stir the pot? Absolutely disgusting, he was still the President! Stick with actual Disney news .

      • OMG BECKY… is a fact. An actual fact. Time to grow up. Actions have consequences. Hopefully they take him out of the exhibit. I don’t want to be reminded every time I go there.

        • Facts!

          • Julie you are wrong and are so much of what is wrong in our world and government!!! Just because you continue to say lies do not mean they are true! For one New York State had no right to even have him in court . His constitutional rights were violated under amendment 6. It will all go to an appeals court and thrown out ! Just like all other he Russia crap But in the mean time we will all lose! If they can do him what they are doing what can they do to you and I if we don’t comply to what the government thinks is in your best interest. If you don’t think they are coming for all our rights you are mistaken. Power seeks power and the government is way too powerful for all of our sakes. Once this kind of thing is able to happen we will not be able to move the bar back . President Trump is right it is larger than him and we as a people have to get it right. I want my Grands to live in a free world use there free will that was given to them by god not man. But if you think the they are not coming for each and everyone of us you are wrong just look at the power grab they took with Covid.We have rights but it is up to us all to fight for them inform our selves on what the facts are make up our own minds not believe everything that one side are the other says . I am just saying with a clear heart leave The President in he was our president and for all of our sakes I hope he will be again!!!2024

        • But you love to look at Biden and Clinton and think about their embarrassing leadership???

          • Agreed even JFK had many mistresses including Marilyn M. I was not around back then but my mom told me. Not many Pres. Are clean all have skeletons just depends how deep people go to find it

        • You need to grow up! Stop believing all the lies & fraud going on that the democrats push! From a corrupt prosecutor, a corrupt judge & hand picked biased jury! All the real crimes past & present by the democrat politicians & their families are censored, protected & denied!! There is NO evidence, but made up, planted lies against him. They even tried to assassinate him at Mar a lago!! There is plenty of evidence of that & the whistle-blowers are coming forward with the truth of all their fraud!!

        • Then don’t go!

    • Agree completely. More political BS, simply enjoy the experience that is Disney or step back. Negativity is unnecessary

      • Here goes Disney again to please certain few what about the rest of the people this is why I stopped going to Disney I been going to Universal for the last 6yrs I refuse to go to Disney

        • Really this is how you repo rt news at Disney? There hasn’t been a president that didn’t abuse their power at one time in their career. Look at your history. Jackson, Kennedy, Nixon, the list goes on and on. Without hearing all evidence presented in the trial no one can say that. Disney is Disney, keeping political views out should be paramount and that should include social concerns. This is NOT what Walt Disney invisioned.

    • We didn’t use to be hateful people like this. He’s a man, a good man. Remove the other if you must. He should have been convicted, he and his son. What will you do then? Disney is heeding to ignorant people. DON’T take history away, or else our children and grand children will never know the past. Good or bad. I’m about done with people who cause issues. I bet if you were to check their backgrounds, they wouldn’t be perfect either. Not only that, but I think I am tired of Disney. I want to go places to learn, not be what others think I should be.

      • Honestly, Disney’s approach to handling Trump has been nothing other than professional.

        Like it or not, and trust me, I don’t like it, he was the President of the United States. It is not politicizing the situation by having him with all the other Presidents. It’s what Disney is supposed to do.
        Hall of Presidents is an unbiased presentation of our Presidents.

      • You actually made me laugh out loud!! A good man? How? For what? Get out of the cult and back to reality. He’s a felon and probably should have been one a long time ago.
        Don’t preach about history when you only want your side shown!

        • Very demeaning comments Julie everyone should state their opinions without attack your opinion on cult is how I once a democrat from nj not any more keep your shades on.

        • OMG – what is wrong with people? Like it or not he WAS the president of the US – why should he be removed? Not sure what has happened to people these days, but history should not be removed because we do not like what happened, we learn from the past not to do the same thing in the future. I think the “Cult following” is what is the funniest – if someone does not have the same beliefs as you, agree to disagree and move on – smh

        • You are a sic person who follows & believes the corrupt cult f the dems!

    • Totally agree, Becky.

    • And one more thing, stop this cancel culture/history stuff. People won’t learn from the past on anything. If this continues future generations will fail and will repeat things again. Just remember Clinton paid out hush money too. So it’s not just Trump.

    • Totally agree, Becky! They need to stick to REAL news, not lame stream media fodder!

    • Patricia Ann Gill-Fisher

      Totally agree with you this is just getting out of hand

    • I totally agree with you Becky!

  3. DIane Wilkinson

    Wrongly convicted felon because of a corrupt justice system.

    • Only narcissists make those statements

      • Disney Woke Disrupter

        Only brain washed Snow Flakes make mental health claims when they dont actually have away to argue with someone. Oh lets call someone a Narcissist because I dont have real words to argue my point. DJ your exactly why this country is going down. go back to watching South Park and let the adults do all the work!!!

        • The only difference between Trump and several other presidents that did illegal things was Trump didn’t get pardoned. Keep politics and social views out of Disney!

    • Oh foolish woman. Now you are going to attack the judicial system? Your strategy of laying doubt in tried and true systems because one CORRUPT man is rightfully convicted? Only small minds will believe that the jury did not do their job.

    • Grow up!
      Things are only legit if he wins? You sound just as childish and insane as he does!

      • Julie you attacked everyone’s opinion there must be a problem with insecurity hmmm I’m a democrat but see the truth voting red

  4. Tom Bennert sr.

    I have subscribe to this channel for years, but because of this erroneous, political, woke fluff I am unsubscribing. Goodbye

  5. We have a felon living in the White House right now. A corrupt DOJ won’t prosecute him because he is demented.

  6. There is a felon living in the White House right now. The corrupt DOJ won’t prosecute him because he is mentally incompetent. Of course a lot of other mentally incompetent people will still vote for him. Try to lay off politics and write about Disney.

  7. Totally agree! Total disrespect. This platform is about the Happy place! Not politics! Stick to parks not bashing our President. Very disappointed.

  8. Proud American Soldier

    Let me understand that your post is about something outside of actual Disney sphere and you wanted to make a political statement!! Would love for you to stay on your lane and report all things Disney and not Political Hate Speech. But of course you you chose to alginate half of the country by going political, so lets see how many people unsubscribe to your site. Apparently not paying attention to what happened to Disney vs Florida and seeing the blow back from that wasnt clear enough. Good luck on your bias, might actually wont to do some real reporting and not some hateful bias for a particular party!!

  9. Others just didn’t get caught in their live affairs and crookedness! Stop putting politics into it.

  10. Remember what Bill Clinton did while president in the White House and lied on national television our justice system is broken

  11. They should put bars in front of it. He was and still is an embarrassment. If it must be there, just sit it in the back where we can ignore and forget. Like we need to in real life.
    Love the article! 🗽

    • Oh my god Julie stop posting. You sound more ignorant every time you post something. How does it feel to have both Democrats and Republicans against you. This is supposed to be everything Disney. Not your opinions. You’re too soft in the brain to be a journalist of any kind. Get it through your head people go to Disney sites to escape anything going on in the world they want to see Disney news not Julie’s opinions. Change the site from Disney dining to Julie’s opinions. And let’s see how many followers you end up with. You’re losing followers from both sides of the fence so maybe you should rethink your journalistic skills which I can see are minimal. Go in to some other form of work cuz clearly you don’t have the Motzi for this one. Here’s Hoping Disney’s your ass for making them look bad. I’ll be leaving the site also like the hundreds of others. Disney’s going to want to distance themselves from you. Shame on you Julie.

  12. Disney and whoever reports Disney “stuff” needs to stop getting involved in politics. Walt created DisneyLand and everything that followed as an escape from reality!! Disney is an entertainment company,NOT a political organization. If this behavior continues, Disney will find itself losing alot more than just fans and money!

  13. Disney is my distraction from the world. I don’t want to have to see politics here too.

  14. Stop the politics. He was President like it or not. Let Disney be what it has always been and leave out the politics.

  15. Another trial starts today the current Presidents son. Many of the past Presidents have baggage.

  16. Anthony Centola

    What a joke

    Disney is a happy fun place leave the political 💩 out

  17. Educate Yourselves

    First off Disney is supposed to be an escape from reality, politics don’t belong there. Funny how we are in a Cult because we are educated. Stop watching only the mainstream news, they feed you only what they want you to hear. Look into what is happening at the Texas border……millions upon millions of illegal immigrants crossing into the country. Take the time to search out other news sources. Search Texas border crisis on YouTube….You won’t, you will call me names on here and call me a tin foil wearing conspiracy Trumper….. Call people names because you have nothing else, nothing to back up your position. Someday hopefully some of you will wake up to what is really going on in this country. Sad thing is if enough of you don’t, we will be doomed as a country!

  18. So what?

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