“Best Holiday Ever,” Disney World Attraction Gets Uplifting Update

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Walt Disney World Resort is known as ” The Most Magical Place on Earth,” undergoes breathtaking changes during the Christmas season, turning into a winter wonderland of lights, decorations, and festive cheer.

Walt Disney World is home to four theme parks: Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Disney World is also home to two water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. Each Disney park offers excitement and something for guests of all ages and sizes. During the holiday season, Disney sees thousands of guests daily to witness the twinkling lights, elaborate wreaths, festive decorations, and the magical moments at Disney.

Disney Holidays

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At the heart of the Magic Kingdom, Cinderella Castle becomes a radiant focal point, its nightly illumination presenting a breathtaking display of holiday magic. Disney’s meticulous attention to detail in the decorations is a testament to its commitment to providing its guests an immersive and festive experience. Disney World offers special meet and greets and parades during the holiday season.

Over at EPCOT, guests may notice the “big ball” or Spaceship Earth tends to look like a giant candy candy with the red and white lights on it. A unique aspect of Disney World’s Christmas celebration is the transformation of certain attractions, where the holiday spirit is seamlessly woven into the fabric of the ride experience. One such attraction is Living with the Land. Typically an educational boat ride through greenhouse environments showcasing sustainable agriculture, Living with the Land takes on a festive flair during the holiday season.

Living with the Land

Credit: Disney

As guests approach the entrance of Living with the Land during the holidays, they are greeted by a symphony of lights and festive greenery. The queue area is adorned with holiday wreaths, twinkling lights, and cheerful decorations that set the tone for the enchanting journey ahead. The magic begins from the moment guests step into the line.

Some guests may even say Living with the Land has the best holiday overlay. Joshua Gerard tweeted on X (formally known as Twitter) a picture of the best overlay which features Living with the Land.

EPCOT takes the holiday festivities to an international level with the EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays. Each World Showcase pavilion showcases unique holiday traditions, decorations, and festive foods from different countries. Walt Disney World Resort guests can enjoy the holiday celebrations, with the Candlelight Processional, this is a highlight of EPCOT’s holiday lineup. Several different celebrity narrators retells the story of Christmas accompanied by a live choir and orchestra, creating a heartwarming and memorable experience for guests.

If You Only Get To Visit One EPCOT Festival, Make It This One

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Disney World holidays celebrate magic, joy, and the timeless spirit of togetherness. Whether it’s the enchanting light displays at Magic Kingdom, the international festivities at EPCOT, the timeless celebrations at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, or the harmonious blend of nature and holiday magic at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, every corner of the resort becomes a stage for a holiday extravaganza.

Will you be attending Disney World during the holidays?

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