Some Disney World Annual Passholders Are Receiving a Special Christmas Gift in the Mail

disney world annual passholder gift
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Keep an eye on those mailboxes Walt Disney World Annual Passholders, as many (including myself) are receiving special gifts this Christmas season!

oswald the lucky rabbit disney annual passholder magnet

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As a Disney World Annual Passholder, you are no stranger to the enchantment and wonder that awaits you at the most magical place on Earth. And now, there’s even more magic in store for you! As a token of their appreciation for your loyalty, Disney World is sending an exclusive and delightful gift this holiday season โ€“ Annual Passholder wrapping paper.

All of us Disney fans prefer to use Disney-themed wrapping paper, but in this instance, Walt Disney World Resort is sending specially designed gift wrapping that features not only Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, but also Figment, Oswald, and Orange Bird.

annual passholder wrapping paper

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Imagine the delight on your loved ones’ faces when you present them with a gift wrapped in the beautiful Annual Passholder wrapping paper. Each vibrant sheet of this limited-edition wrapping paper features beloved Disney characters, iconic attractions, and enchanting scenes from all four parks, including Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This touch of Disney magic will undoubtedly make your presents even more memorable.

This new Disney Annual Passholder gift is a great way to express your love for Disney, as well as humbly let others know that you have an annual pass! Although we’re used to receiving free magnets as our Disney World Annual Passholder gift, this shake-up for the Christmas season is very welcome, although some might say that the wrapping paper is minimal, to say the least.

disney world wrapping paper

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Included in the festive Disney World Annual Passholder gift packaging are two different sheets of wrapping paper, each two-sided, and a sleeve of four address stickers themed after one of each Disney World park: Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, and Animal Kingdom.

Didn’t get anything? Well, firstly, if you aren’t a Disney World Annual Passholder, you won’t. These are exclusive to the community of Florida Resident and non-Florida residents who currently own an Annual Pass.

Secondly, give it a little time. It’s still very early into the official Christmas season, and much like magnets and other Disney World Annual Passholder gifts, it may take a little time to get to your doorstep.

free Walt Disney World Annual Passholder

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If all else fails, you can always contact Disney’s Annual Pass service. I’ve actually done this before regarding magnets, and they were extremely helpful.

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It seems like currently, not everyone is receiving their wrapping papers gift, which leads me to believe they may be mailing out to Florida-resident Annual Passholders first.

However, I’m sure there’s someone out there who lives in Montana with an annual pass who’s already received theirs as well.

Why Consider Becoming an Annual Passholder

Free gifts from Disney like magnets and wrapping paper are cool, but there are also a ton of other benefits to becoming a Disney World Annual Passholder.

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Are you a Disney enthusiast who can’t get enough of the enchanting world of Mickey and friends? Look no further than the Disney World Annual Pass, a golden ticket to year-long enchantment and endless possibilities.

With an Annual Pass in hand, you unlock the door to Walt Disney World’s magical kingdom throughout the year. Imagine having the ability to visit the enchanting Magic Kingdom, experience the wild adventures in Animal Kingdom, explore the immersive world of Epcot, or splash into fun at the water parks, all at your convenience. Embrace the magic at any time, from dawn till dusk, as you revel in the spectacular attractions, parades, and fireworks that make Disney World the vacation destination of dreams.

dumbo, orange bird, mickey and minnie 50th anniversary ap magnets

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Forget about limiting yourself to a one-time trip or worrying about making the most of your visit within a limited timeframe. An Annual Pass eliminates the time constraints, allowing you to embark on countless visits and enjoy spontaneous trips whenever the Disney magic beckons. Revel in the joy of being an impromptu Disney guest anytime throughout the year.

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Disney loves to show appreciation for its most loyal fans, and Annual Passholders are no exception. As an esteemed Passholder, you gain access to a plethora of exclusive benefits and discounts. From merchandise and dining discounts to special event offers and behind-the-scenes experiences, Disney World Annual Passholders are treated to a world of unique privileges that enhance their overall Disney experience.

One of the standout advantages of owning an Annual Pass is the ability to avoid the seasonal crowds. During peak times such as holidays and school vacations, Disney World can be packed with eager guests. However, Passholders enjoy the luxury of smaller crowds and shorter wait times on most days throughout the year. Experience the parks at a more relaxed pace and savor every moment without the stress of extensive queues.

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Did you think the Disney magic is confined within the park boundaries? Think again. With an annual pass, the enchantment extends to various other Disney destinations. Explore the captivating sights and sounds of Disney Springs, a shopper’s paradise filled with unique boutiques, delectable dining options, and thrilling entertainment. Indulge in the delightful experiences offered by Walt Disney World Resort hotels, where every stay is a journey into a magical world of comfort and luxury.

As an Annual Passholder, you’re part of an exclusive community that cherishes the Disney experience all year round. The Annual Passholder wrapping paper allows you to showcase your Passholder pride in a unique and festive way. Whether you’re exchanging gifts during the holiday season or celebrating a special occasion, this wrapping paper proudly displays your love for all things Disney.

Among All the Other Perks, The Disney World Annual Passholder Gifts Are Sweet

The Annual Passholder wrapping paper goes beyond just being festive and fun. It becomes a collectible keepsake that you can cherish for years to come. With its distinctive designs and Disney-themed artwork, this wrapping paper adds to your assortment of Disney memorabilia. It holds a special place in your heart, reminding you of the magical moments and cherished memories you’ve made as an Annual Passholder.

One of the joys of being a Disney World Annual Passholder is sharing the Disney magic with others. With the Annual Passholder wrapping paper, you have the opportunity to spread the enchantment to friends, family, and loved ones. Each wrapped gift becomes a gateway to the extraordinary world of Disney, leaving your recipients eagerly anticipating the surprises that lie within.

special guests walt disney world tickets on sale event mickeys very merry christmas party jollywood nights

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In the realm of Disney, the magic never ends. As an Annual Passholder, you are honored with a unique and delightful gift โ€“ the Annual Passholder wrapping paper. From its vibrant designs to its ability to showcase your Passholder pride, this wrapping paper adds an extra layer of enchantment to your gift-giving occasions. Let this exclusive wrapping paper be a reminder of the extraordinary memories you’ve created at Disney World and a symbol of the enduring magic that awaits you. Embrace the joy of sharing the Disney experience with others through the magic of Annual Passholder wrapping paper. Happy gifting!

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