Despite Ukraine War Boycott, Russian Movie Theaters Are Unlawfully Screening Disney Movies

When it comes to Walt Disney’s legacy, the bulk of the work is done by Walt Disney Studios. After acquiring big-time studio titles such as Lucasfilm’s Star Wars, Marvel Studios, and even National Geographic, the Walt Disney Company has become an absolute superhero in the entertainment industry. And for good reason!

Disney Movies Bring Friends, Families, and Even Strangers Together In Theaters


Credit: Marvel

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For most families, sitting together to watch a fun movie is one of the easiest ways to make long-lasting memories. Many Disney fans can talk about watching a specific film with their parents while growing up, and how that contributed to their childhoods.

So in the modern age, when an animated movie by Walt Disney Pictures or a live-action film by Marvel Studios drops, audiences rush to the theater to watch the new movie. Alternatively, families watch the Disney film on streaming services.

On the other side of the world, that privilege has been revoked for the people of Russia due to the President’s decision to invade Ukraine.

Disney Recently Revoked the Right to Screen Its Films In Russia

a booth for disney plus streaming titles with crowds walking by and advertising of its logo and films

Credit: The New York Times

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As the Walt Disney Company boycotted the release of any Disney film, or any film released by one of its owned studios, Russian movie theaters have found loopholes, and are still watching the newest Disney movies, including James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water (2022).

Authorities Do Nothing, Continue Turning Blind Eyes to This Illegal Practice

Avatar 2

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According to a report by ABC News, Russian movie theaters, from smaller businesses to the nation’s largest chains, are unlawfully showing pirated copies of these films. Not only that, but Russian authorities are encouraging the process.

Although there are Russian laws in place to prevent this sort of thing from happening, many movie theaters are taking the risk, and the authorities are simply turning a blind eye, letting this illegal process take place.

Avatar the way of the water

Credit: 20th Century Studios

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According to ABC News’ report, “The Walt Disney Company declined to comment on the screenings of its movies in Russia. (Disney is the parent company of ABC News).

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