Former Disney Superstar Being Sued by David Beckham For $10 MILLION

David Beckham suing Mark Wahlberg's fitness company
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In this day and age, it’s not unusual for celebrities to have their hands in multiple pots at one time. In addition to acting, many of them own successful businesses. For example, Jessica Alba is not only an actress but also the founder of The Honest Company. Kim Kardashian started out as a reality star, and now has a number of successful businesses, including the Shapewear SKIMS. Many celebs realize how important versatility can be for their investment portfolio.

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David Beckham is one of those celebrities who also started his own business, although it is mainly to manage his post-soccer career. Beckham’s company, DB Ventures, was launched in 2014 and handles his business ventures, including his partnerships. Unfortunately, one of those ventures is proving to be problematic. That problematic company is called F45 Training.

Things are so bad with F45 Training that Beckham and DB Ventures have filed a $10 million lawsuit against the company. And here is the twist. F45 Training is owned by another incredibly well-known celebrity. That would be Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch frontman and box office star, Mark Wahlberg.

Mark Wahlberg Invincible

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According to reports, Beckham claims that F45 Training “duped” him into signing an endorsement deal. Beckham first filed the lawsuit in May 2023, but has only recently become public.

Per Us Weekly:

Per the legal documents, Beckham claimed that he never received the $10 million he was offered in contract negotiations. He was allegedly promised stocks as compensation, which were never delivered after share prices seemingly plummeted. (Beckham also named Wahlberg’s eponymous investment firm in the suit.)

David Beckham Will Smith

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Beckham claims that the $10 million was supposed to come in the form of company shares. However, Beckham claims that he only received those shares after F45’s stock plummeted. It cost him ÂŁ8.5 million.

David Beckham is not the only person alleging that F45 duped them. Former pro golfer Greg Norman is also suing the company. Norman and Beckham originally filed the lawsuit jointly in 2022, but a judge said they had to file separately.

David Beckham Victoria Beckham

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Wahlberg and his co-defendants — F45 founders Adam Gilchrist and Rob Deutsch — responded to the suit, saying it had no merit.

Wahlberg and his co-defendants claim the allegations of “fraudulent conduct” are baseless and have asked a judge to dismiss the lawsuit.

The defendants’ motion to dismiss goes further to say DBVL are blaming everyone but themselves, adding: “The 209-page, 610-paragraph SAC [complaint] tries to make up with length what it lacks in merit.

Mark Wahlberg

Credit: Mark Wahlberg, Instagram

This is a sad end to what had been a great friendship between Beckham and Wahlberg. The two first met in 2007, when Beckham and his wife — Spice Girls singer Victoria Beckham — moved to Los Angeles. The two remained friends for years, and in 2021, Beckham agreed to be a global brand ambassador for F45.

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