Date Announced for Addition of Hatbox Ghost at Walt Disney World

Hatbox Ghost at Haunted Mansion
Credit: Disney

He’s on his way! Hatbox Ghost will be making his way to Walt Disney World this November, and we couldn’t be any more excited than we are right now. Guests to Walt Disney World have waited eagerly for the 1000th happy haunt to make their way to Walt Disney World, and after a year of anticipation and rumors, we finally know that the newest fashion resident will find his way to Disney World in November of this year.

Hatbox Ghost

Credit: Disney, SoCal Attractions 360

Just announced at Destination D23, the new member of the Haunted Mansion is officially ready to move in, and guests can expect to see him around Thanksgiving. The popular dark ride has closed down a few times earlier this year following last year’s announcement that the popular Disneyland animatronic was making his way to Florida, and rumors flew around the internet about when the Hatbox Ghost would actually be installed at Disney World.

Haunted Mansion Reopens at Walt Disney World, Still No Hatbox Ghost

Credit: Disney/ Canva

Guests to Disney World who’ve awaited the arrival of Hatbox Ghost no longer have to guess at when the happy haunt will materialize at the ultra-popular dark ride in Orlando, Florida. D23 just gave us a finite timeframe of November to expect when the awesome animatronic made popular at Disneyland will make his debut at Disney World. Personally, I’m extremely excited for this addition as the Hatbox Ghost, originally created by famed Disney Imagineer Yale Gracey is one of my favorite parts of Haunted Mansion lore. Not only is he getting ready to move permanently to Florida, Hatbox Ghost has also made a name for himself after being played by Jared Leto in the latest Haunted Mansion reboot that released earlier this summer.

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Credit: Disney

Fans are sure to flock to the mansion once Hatbox Ghost materializes within its walls, so if he’s an immediate must-see for you and your family, you’ll want to hurry and make sure you have a trip booked. The ride is expected to be closed for a couple of days as Imagineers install and test Hatbox Ghost, but we’re certain it won’t be long before he’s ready to scare the pants off of riders at Disney World. We’ll be there and let you know once Hatbox Ghost makes his official debut in November, so stay tuned friends.

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