“Scary” Disney World Interaction Has Guest Asking For the Opposite of a Cast Compliment

Mickey Mouse and Goofy in chef attire posing in front of Chef Mickey's restaurant and Disney's Contemporary Resort
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Everybody knows that Disney Cast Members are the unsung heroes of Walt Disney World. Scratch that, Disney Cast Members are the unsung heroes of any Disney Park out there!

After all, they’re the ones who have to save the day when something inevitably goes wrong; they’re the ones interacting with each guest, solving each problem, answering every question, and bearing every brunt of customer service.

Even when nothing is going wrong, Disney employees are always saving the day. The reputation for Disney Customer Service is unlike anything else in the hospitality world.

Cast Members Are Disney’s Frontline, and They’re Held to a Higher Standard Because of It

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With taglines like ‘The Most Magical Place on Earth’ and ‘The Happiest Place on Earth,’ it’s no wonder that the Walt Disney Company strives for customer service unlike any other. In fact, for a while, there was this general idea that a guest could never be told ‘no’ while visiting Disney theme parks.

While Disney has shifted away from this idea (especially as guests become more and more entitled), each Cast Member is still required to display that Disney magic, making every guest’s day as magical as they possibly can.

Anything less than stellar customer service is considered inappropriate by Disney standards. So, when one Cast Member chased after guests and even subjected them to an angry outburst, they were understandably shell-shocked.

There’s Poor Customer Service, and Then There’s This…

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An anonymous report of the situation was posted onto Reddit, titled, “Do I make a cast complaint?” They begin the story by setting the scene: they were dining at Disney’s Contemporary Resort with their partner, and their bill came out to $133.

They note that they “believed” they had left $160, leaving behind a tip just over 20%. However, as they were on their way out, their server stopped them, saying, ‘Hey, I was about to give you your change.’ Reportedly, the couple assured their server that their change was his tip.

They state that the server “immediately got loud” and described him as “rather aggressive and angry.” Allegedly, the server said something along the lines of, ‘Here, take your $7, I don’t want your $7,’ before shoving the money into the guest’s hands “super aggressively”.

Mickey Mouse and Goofy in chef attire posing in front of Chef Mickey's restaurant and Disney's Contemporary Resort

Credit: Disney

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The two guests relay that they were incredibly confused and a little dumbfounded, unsure of what to do at first. They waited in the Contemporary Resort’s lobby for a few minutes before returning to the restaurant to explain their mistake.

After the waiter revealed the two had only left $140, the guests apologized and gave him the full tip they’d intended to leave. Apparently, the Cast Member apologized, but it was rather lackluster, as it was nothing but “a simple ‘I apologize.’”

The anonymous guest describes the behavior as “uncalled for,” saying it was “loud, frantic, [aggressive] and made me panic, and I would never expect a Disney employee to act this way.” They finish their story, writing,

A day later I am still upset by the whole interaction it was actually kind of scary in the moment because neither of us understood what was going on…his attitude has played on my mind so much over the night that I’m in a rather depressed mood today, it’s definitely killed the magic. Who knows if he’s spoken to other families this way?

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This sort of behavior is definitely not something you’d expect from a Disney employee, but we’ve seen that Cast Members can act inappropriately in all kinds of ways.

If you ever encounter Cast Member behavior that you feel is inappropriate, reaching out to Walt Disney World is the best next step.

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