This Business Owner Has Just Made Black History With Her Disney Products

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Like most American companies, the Walt Disney Company has had a rocky history regarding the representation of people of color in its media. As we forge ahead into the modern age, however, the Walt Disney Company has dedicated itself to the inclusion of everybody in its films, TV series, theme parks, etc.

Recently, the Walt Disney Company and business owner Britney Sade have made history together, proving that the company’s dedication is anything but for show.

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Black culture is incredibly vibrant, and it cannot be denied that one of the pillars of black culture is hair.

African American hair comes in many different textures, which has often been punished instead of rightfully celebrated. As most apparel companies think of European features as the standard, many hats, hairbands, and other hair products are simply unfit for many of these hair textures.

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But Britney Sade is changing that with her company, CurlCap. CurlCap (‘the cap for your curls’) specializes in super cute and sporty ball caps that can comfortably accommodate naturally textured hair. They’re satin-lined and backless, making them super easy to use and protective all at once.

These caps are perfect for an outdoorsy, sunshine-filled day…such as a day visiting Walt Disney World.


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Last April, the Walt Disney Company and CurlCap collaborated, and it became “the first Black woman-owned apparel company to sell original authorized Disney merchandise,” according to ClickOrlando.

According to Sade, it was Disney who reached out to her first after pictures of her wearing one of the revolutionary ball caps at a Disney Park went viral online. Sade told ClickOrlando,

“(Disney said) we saw you were ranking very high on Amazon; we saw all of your reviews, we see you satisfy a niche market. We want to see how far you could go. When we met up with the licensor, they said you have something here.”


Credit: CurlCap

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CurlCap products are currently sold on Amazon, Etsy, and Curlcap’s online storefront. Just a heads up: these game-changing products are quick to sell out, especially the Disney licensedDisney-licensed items! So checking in periodically is a must!

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