Crack Downs On Disney Resellers to Increase

disney resellers crackdown
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Fans have decided that they’ve had enough of third-party vendors reselling Disney merchandise and are looking into reporting them to Disney.

Let it never be said that Disney fans are not loyal! Recently, fans debated how they would contribute to Disney’s efforts to preserve their product integrity and authenticity by reporting resellers to the company.

In response to the surge in unauthorized reselling activities, Disney fans have mobilized to combat this issue and ensure that genuine Disney products are obtained through legitimate channels. Fans are actively contributing to the enforcement of Disney’s policies on merchandise resale, underscoring their commitment to maintaining the quality and authenticity of Disney products.

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The crackdown on unauthorized resellers has gained momentum within the Disney fan community, showcasing their unwavering loyalty to the beloved brand. This move not only safeguards the interests of genuine Disney fans but also reinforces the principles of fairness and respect for intellectual property rights within the Disney community.

The stringent action against resellers stems from the dedication of Disney fans, who are likely passionate about preserving the integrity of Disney merchandise (not to mention refusing to pay ridiculous prices). Moreover, it certainly helps the Walt Disney Company maintain its products’ authenticity.

A fan asked, “I was [Googling] around to try and find blog posts or something about current hats for sale in the park, and not just online. That’s when I came across a website which is clearly a re-seller/personal shopper. They even have the gall to post things NOT EVEN FOR SALE, and at a ridiculous markup. Like the Pizza Planet popcorn bucket which will be available during the Pixar Fest. Would you report these websites to Disney?”

Would you report a reseller/personal shopper website if you found one?
byu/Main-Ad4622 inDisneyland

In the comments, fans largely were in agreement that one kind of reseller had to be reported without question.

One wrote, “if they have many limited edition items listed and it looks very much like the site is absolutely cashing in on re-sales of popular items in large quantities, i say absolutely report it.

Like… if they have dozens of popcorn buckets of the same design, exclusive tiki mugs, etc and not just an ‘I’ll go and pick this item up in the park for you’ sort of thing or ‘we have one extra of this item and are selling it’ (which I would assume they’d do on eBay rather than have a dedicated website).”

On the other hand, they were also less worried about those who are “just offering to use their MK to get someone some Mickey ears with their kid’s name on it, or replace a broken keychain, let them be. Disney will crack down on them eventually, especially if they’re using their MK discount for the purchases.”

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The resolute stance against unauthorized resellers underscores the dedication of Disney fans to upholding the standards set by the Walt Disney Company and Disney CEO Bob Iger. It showcases a collective determination to protect the magic and integrity of Disney merchandise, ensuring that fans can continue to enjoy authentic Disney products with confidence and peace of mind.

The movement underlines how deeply the Disney community cares for the magic and fandom they’re a part of, making clear where their loyalties lie.

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  1. When I would take frequent trips to Disney I would ask co-workers, family, friends if there was anything they wanted from the parks or outlets. I would charge them what I paid for it. I didn’t have any discounts and didn’t purchase large quantities so there is no way Disney could stop me. Now that I can no longer afford a trip to WDW, if there is an item I really want I will buy it from resellers.
    In my opinion, Disney created this problem. Put everything online then the resellers will be out of business.

  2. It’s become a problem since resellers snap up armfulls of speciality items leaving Disney fans without the chance to collect one, then resell them for ridiculous prices. People have no way of knowing that item is authentic or stole.

  3. There was a major problem with resellers in the years 2021-2023. Buying large quantities and then reselling at outrageous prices. They were deliberately taking advantage of the current downtown of the economy and people not being able to afford going to the parks. It was absolutely disgusting the amount of greed I saw online. Disney has cleaned up a lot of those ghastly resellers as I no longer see them any more on eBay, mecari, or Poshmark. The ones I mostly see now are fairly reasonable when you take into consideration petrol and park ticket for you the buyer (or even airline ticket).

    I am against banning all resellers because there are people including myself who can’t get to the parks for various reasons and do want to purchase specific park items. I believe if the reseller is fair and reasonable then there is no problem. As it stands, the ones that aren’t they’re already out of business and if not they will be soon because there’s too many reasonable resellers to compete with.

    The gentlemen above is correct; if Disney made everything available online that’s in the park resellers would be few and far between. I do understand why Disney doesn’t because it’s another reason to get people into the parks. However, I think if Disney just made it all available online it wouldn’t make a significant amount of difference on park attendance (as in less attendance).

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