Is COVID-19 Back at Disney? Concerned Guests Claim “…Everyone Who Walked Into WDW Comes out With COVID”

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These are incredibly concerning times for our nation’s health…

As much as we all wish it were, it has become increasingly clear that Covid-19 is still running its course. After the global pandemic shut down the world for nearly two years, Disney Parks, as well as the rest of the world, has finally been able to regain a sense of normalcy under the circumstances. Now, many fans are fearing that these freedoms may once again be ripped away.

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Is Covid Back at Disney? The Answer Is One Nobody Wants to Hear

As of October 2023, the question no one wants to ask still lingers: Is COVID-19 back at Disney World? As we delve into the statistics surrounding COVID-19 cases, it is essential to understand the measures that Disney World implemented to ensure the safety and well-being of its Guests and cast members.

Back when the virus first hit the Parks, Disney introduced social distancing, masking policies, limited character interaction, and reduced Park capacity. While no one particularly liked these changes, it was commendable how Disney was able to navigate such a turbulent time. In the end, Cast Members worked so hard to keep the magic alive, even in such a dark era.

However, some fans fear that that era may not be over. 

Recently, numerous Guests have taken to social media to share their concerns over Covid-19 running rampant at the Parks. The concern has caught the attention of more fans online, many of whom wonder what can be done.

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Is the Data Lying?

When you look at the number of COVID-19 cases being reported in Central Florida, the data shows that the risk is low. However, we are no longer in the age where people report their Covid-19 test results. At-home testing has made it harder for health officials to assess the spread of this virus and the public risk.

Numerous posts on Walt Disney World Resorts Reddit page have caused concern among fans who are worried they will catch the virus on their upcoming vacations to a Disney Resort or Disney Cruise Line. Other fans are wondering if they should be expecting COVID-19 protocols to go back into place at the theme parks. One fan says:

Does anyone come out of park days without COVID?

Based on the posts here, it feels like everyone who walked into WDW comes out with COVID. How in the world do you avoid it? Anyone who hasn’t ever come out of their trip with it? We have one in October and a return in November; we have wiggle room after October to deal with it, but not November. My partner just had it so they’ll be fine, but now I’m regretting not having gotten it myself so I could get it over with 😩

Does anyone come out of park days without COVID?
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It is clear that the general public does not wish to revisit pandemic times, but unfortunately, that may not be a possibility. In cities like New York and Los Angeles, the data is showing that COVID-19 cases are once again on the rise. It seems that this virus may become a regular part of our winter cold cycle, and in doing so, places like Walt Disney World Resort and any other theme park will have to assess long-term solutions to help stop the spread.

Fans will be closely looking to Disney officials for answers and plans of action within the next few weeks. As winter approaches, an announcement is likely to be imminent.

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  1. HAHAHAHA!!!!

    This is so funny!!! Even if you catch COVID, there is no definitive way of saying WHERE you got it!

    Stop freaking people out!

    • We just have to live with it,most people don’t even know they have it ,and if people are concerned about getting it when at a park ,the answer is simple just don’t go

  2. I just returned from a 9 day visit to Disney. No one in our party of 9 got sick. We were everywhere and enjoyed all the rides and indoor dinning at several places. More likely that person got it in the airport or on the plane.

  3. Not “everybody” got covid. I went to DW in Feb 2022 and Dec 2022 and I didn’t get. This is just easily paranoid people talking. A few guests cat speak for the masses that go.

  4. Just went to Magic Kingdom & Hollywood Studios the week before Halloween 2024 and within 2-3 days of coming home, felt like crap, despite washing my hands and using hand sanitizer CONSTANTLY while there. I tested and it popped for Covid SO FAST!! The doc was like wow, it usually takes a few mins but yours was instant. Must be that unvaccinated mutant strain down there that you caught. On day 4 now and it’s brutal!!