Christmas in AUGUST!? Fans Fear Disney Gone Too Far

August Christmas
Credit: Disney and Canva

This is a little much, even by Disney’s standards.

Over the years, Disney has gained a reputation for going above and beyond when celebrating the holidays. At the beginning of August, Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort unveiled their elaborate decorations for the Halloween season. Overnight, all of the Disney Parks were completely decked out with spooky decorations to celebrate the most haunting time of year.

For the next two months, Disney will be working hard to execute their incredible assortment of Halloween festivities. However, once October 31 passes, the work for Disney is not over, as the end of Halloween means the beginning of the Holiday season at Disney.

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Credit: Disney

Christmas Comes Early For Disney

While many people look forward to Disney’s decorations every year, others do not find them quite as charming. Many fans think that Disney stretches out the holiday season far too long. This year, Disney has truly pushed the limits of how early they can celebrate with the announcement of their new Christmas merchandise… in August.

Fans visiting Costco were shocked to see all of the new Disney Holiday decorations being sold at the store. With Christmas four months away, it feels very early to be selling these kinds of decorations. However, the new Disney offerings are absolutely adorable.

Disneyland Christmas

Credit: Disney

Christmas Train Set, Castle, and Holiday Village Hits Costco

The TikTok account @costcohotfinds shared videos of the absolutely adorable new Disney Holiday decorations being sold at Costco.


It’s early, yes 😅

♬ original sound – CostcoHotFinds

A standout was the Disney Animated Holiday Castle with Parade, Lights, and music. The castle plays eight classical holiday songs and features many iconic Disney characters in their holiday outfits. Also available is the Disney Animated Holiday Village with Lights and music. This elaborate scene shows a classic and cozy holiday village decorated for a Christmas celebration.

While these new offerings are very cute, it is also slightly confusing as to why Disney and Costco are continuing to push the Holiday seasons to be earlier and earlier. Who knows, maybe next summer it will be Christmas in July!

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