Changes That We Hope That Walt Disney World Keeps Around

Credit: Disney

When Walt Disney World reopened back in July, there were a lot of changes to keep people safe. Some of these changes aren’t popular but necessary, such as face coverings and no Park Hopping. Most of us look forward to the day when we can put these things behind us. Other changes, though, have not been all that bad. Here are some changes that we hope they keep around for the long haul.


1. New Bag Check Procedures

This one staying is pretty much a given, since Disney had to purchase extra equipment. No one ever liked to have a security Cast Member go through their things, plus the line at the beginning of the day was often quite long. The new procedure is fast, easy, and effective. Guests can stay safe, and the security Cast Members seem to be happy with the way that things are working.

2. No Finger Scanners

How many times have you wanted to wash your hands immediately after touching the finger scanner to get into a theme park? Since Disney has cut down on touchpoints, at the moment you do not need to scan your finger for entrance. Because the way they are doing it right now could lead to people taking advantage of the system, chances are that at some point they will need to be able to identify people. At Disneyland, they take your picture. Maybe Walt Disney World will go in that direction.

3. Extra Hand Sanitizer

There is now extra hand sanitizer everywhere at Walt Disney World. It would be nice if they would keep stations at the entrance and the exits of all of the rides. Everyone is aware of all of the things that we touch these days. With the extra hand sanitizer, we can make sure that we don’t pick up an unwanted souvenir.

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4. Hand Washing Stations

All of that hand sanitizer is great to kill germs, but it builds up on your hands! Sometimes you just want them to feel clean once again. There are now hand washing stations in all four theme parks, so you can wash all of those layers of sanitizer off. Sometimes it just feels good to have clean hands.

Credit: Disney

5. Relaxation Stations

No one wants face coverings to stay around any longer than the CDC recommends. That said, it’s nice to have a place where you can sit down in the AC and relax for a few minutes! A few years ago there were areas in the parks that were intended for people to take a breather. It would be nice if each of the four parks had an air conditioned spot for when people needed to cool off. These stations couldn’t be where the current indoor Relaxation Stations are located because those all have other functions, but there are backstage areas that could be changed and themed for such a purpose.

6. Staggered Parking

If you’ve ever driven to Walt Disney World, chances are you’ve grumbled when you had to get out of your car. They have always been packed in like sardines! With staggered parking, you don’t have to worry about the family in the car next to yours blocking you in. It’s easier for everyone. It would be nice if they continue to park every other car, and then once a section is done to fill the empty spots. Staggered parking makes the whole parking process easier.

7. Social Distancing

Six feet between parties is not something that needs to stay around forever. That said, it would be nice if there was still some space between parties. Waiting in line is a bit more pleasant when the family behind you isn’t literally breathing down your neck. It’s also nice to not be crammed into a ride vehicle on a ride such as Pirates of the Caribbean. A little bit of extra space is something that many people would welcome.

8. Open Trash Cans

How many times have you thrown something in a trash can and you ended up with something gross on your hand? Walt Disney World has open trash cans right now, making it easy to throw things out without touching something extra. This is a simple change that will hopefully become permanent.

9. Two Rise of the Resistance Times

Before the closure, guests would arrive at Disney’s Hollywood Studios hours before it opened, hoping to get a Boarding Pass for Rise of the Resistance. Now, there are two times when Boarding Passes become available. If you aren’t able to grab a spot at 7:00am, you can try again at 2:00om. The Boarding Passes at both times are gone in less than a minute, but it’s nice to have a second chance.

Credit: Disney

10. Extra MagicShots

There are no character meet and greets right now, so there are extra MagicShots in the parks. You can still get character pictures this way, you just have to wait until it appears in the My Disney Experience App. There are some entertaining options, such as Tinkerbell or The Child (Baby Yoda). Here’s hoping that these MagicShots will continue indefinitely.

11. Pooh and Joy

At Epcot there are two rotating character experiences that need to become permanent. Winnie the Pooh or Joy are often found playing in the field near Journey Into Imagination With Figment. Watching Pooh with a butterfly net is something that you need to see. It’s magical.

12. Character Cavalcades

There may be no parades and no character greetings right now, but there are still plenty of characters. Most of them are in Character Cavalcades. These are mini-parades that last for only a minute or so, and they take place throughout the day. You’ll see your favorite characters, and it doesn’t take up a huge chunk of time. If you think that the cavalcades might take up too much room once capacity increases, check out Disney’s Animal Kingdom! The characters cruise along the Discovery River, and interact with people as they float by. Even if the other Character Cavalcades are just temporary, it would be nice to keep the ones at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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